Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Lake Ohrid was my favorite place in Macedonia. The gorgeous, lakeside town has a walkway butting up to the lake which made for an amazing running path for me, walking path to and from dinner, and great people watching spot from any of the benches.


The first thing I did when we got to Lake Ohrid was to go for a run. I had no idea where I was going but I wanted get a lay of the land and it was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day. About a mile into my run I ran into the most beautiful Orthodox church- St. John at Kaneo.

20190518_140049-01 (2)

I took a ton of photos here and ended up almost at someone’s wedding. The ice cream cart man and I were trying to hide behind some pillars at the entrance to the complex so we did not show up in the wedding video. Once the coast was clear I doubled back and ran the other way on the lakeside walkway.

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After my run I went out on the hotel balcony for some views of Lake Ohrid. There was definitely a naked man on the hotel balcony next to mine. I quietly backed myself back into the room. He immediately went to his room and put some clothes on. Awkward!!!

20190518_132218 (2)

Ohrid is the home of many pearl shops and one of the Guttenberg printing presses. Later that afternoon, a few of us stopped in to see a free demonstration while out shopping for jewelry. I ended up buying some copper earrings and one lady ended up with pearl earrings and a necklace. Prices are very reasonable. More expensive than some places in the Balkans but way less expensive than the rest of Europe and USA.

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Before dinner we walked through some of the hillside village up to the fort near St. John at Kaneo.

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Fun fact about Lake Ohrid: There used to be 365 churches around the lake, one for each day of the year.

20190518_135808 (2)

St. Johns at Kaneo is a beautiful sight during the Golden Hour prior to sunset and solidified itself as my favorite site of the whole trip.

20190518_184928 (2)

I need longer arms for selfie purposes. I have a selfie stick but neglected to pack it for this trip.


Dinner in Lake Ohrid was delicious. I ordered a Greek salad and fried octopus. Basically my diet up til this point in the Balkans included a Greek or Shopska salad for one meal and spinach and cheese burek for the other. Ordering the octopus was mixing it up a bit. My travel buddy next to me ordered the grilled octopus and we ended up doing halfsies. We are at the point of the trip where we know each other well enough to start sharing things.

20190518_200118 (2)

After dinner along the water, a few of the more fun people in the group opted to get together to drink wine. It was the English couple’s anniversary so they invited us all up to their gigantic penthouse balcony overlooking the lake. Hilariously, we all brought the exact same bottle of Macedonian wine. It was definitely a group favorite and only the equivalent of 4 Euros.

20190518_215039 (2)

Lake Ohrid is an awesome vacation destination. Spend a few days here if you ever are in the Balkans and are in need of a low-key spot.

Reader Question: When you get to a new place that you don’t know much about, do you get a map or just wander?  I tend to just wander for a few hours before really trying to find out where certain things are located.

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, that really looks like a beautiful area! I love that lakeside walk. Though the naked man on the balcony sounds awkward 🙂 I generally do get a map so I have a vague idea of the area and then wander after that.

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