Las Vegas- Part 2

My second day in Las Vegas shall be known as Eating Las Vegas.  It involved more shopping, eating, and gambling (but mostly eating). After yesterdays carb-fest I opted to eat some Culinary Dropout winter salad for some veggies.  It was actually a spectacular salad- kale, pears, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese, pecans, and butternut squash!


And some deviled eggs of course. I have a hard time not ordering deviled eggs when they are on a menu.  But here is a question:  Why would they give just 3?  Where is the other half of the egg?  My guess is that the chef eats it.


After lunch I wandered through Caesars doing some window and real shopping.


Caesars is the best place to shop in Vegas I think.  It has a mix of the crazy expensive stores and normal priced ones. I ended up buying some shorts at Express but wandered through Burberry and David Yurman- my two favorite fancy stores.

Walking down the strip led me to Cosmopolitan Hotel which is really fun to walk through.  The atrium bar/club is so swanky looking.  If I wanted a fancy cocktail I would definitely try here.


And then I would get into my crystal Rolls Royce and drive away.


Before I knew it I was hungry again- Eating Las Vegas continues.  I read about the happy hour at Todd English’s PUB at the Crystals from 3-6pm so I decided to try that out.  Oysters $2, Sliders $3, Wings $1 with half price wine and draft beer.  That’s a steal in Vegas!

But looking over the beer list I noticed that prices are slightly inflated.  $9 for a Bud Light draft!!!!!  That’s crazy! Happy hour makes it much more normal but still.


Wine was a better deal so I did that.  Yelp told me to order the junk chips.  Homemade potato chips with BBQ beef, blue cheese, and more.  They serve it was tongs if that gives you an idea as to how messy and huge the plate is.  The bartender dared me to eat half.  I almost did!


Happy hour at Todd English’s Pub at Crystals is definitely going to be on my list again when I am back in Las Vegas for these chips alone.

After happy hour I had to roll back to the Hard Rock Hotel and collect my belongings and head to the airport for my 11pm red-eye flight back to Baltimore.  I thought a small snack would be necessary so an Auntie Anne’s pretzel sounded perfect right?  Well they were just closing and had to get rid of everything so they snuck a few extra pretzels into my bag for free. My one regular pretzel to munch on during the flight multiplied into 3 pretzels (2 regular and 1 cinnamon-sugar).  I may never need to eat again.


Las Vegas was a quick, fun, cheap, and carb-filled getaway.  I can’t wait to do it again!

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