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I’m a bit late with this post due to being laid up with food poisoning.  No bueno!

My last day in Ao Nang I went to the beach and worked on my tan.  Shots from the beach:

Aonang 041 Aonang Beach 034 Aonang Beach 038 Aonang Beach 039

grilled corn

Aonang 040

It was so hot and humid that I only lasted a couple hours lying on the beach and had to head back to the hotel pool. I may have done some shopping on the way back 🙂

Then it was time for food poisoning dinner.  Strangely enough I took pictures of my friends food but not mine, like I knew it would not be something I would want to see ever again.

Aonang 045

We did have some good drinks.

After dinner we had our good-bye party at Chang Bar.  Clearly the bars we visit are classy or you would be able to bring in your own prostitutes.

The most memorable moment of the night was 4 members of our group (including me) sprinting home from Chang Bar. Thanks for the memories Thai food poisoning.

Aonang 056

I had a really good time on my beach tour in Thailand (minus getting sick).  I’m off to Siem Reap in Cambodia for a few days before coming back to Thailand to explore the northern section.  Look for Tuesdays post to be much more exciting with Angkor Wat temple exploring. Angkor Wat has been on my bucket list since there was a bucket list. I am so exctied!

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    Food poisoning 🙁

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