Late night munchies in Madrid, Spain


In Spain everyone eats a late dinner because they start the day late, have a siesta in the afternoon, and have lunch as their biggest meal of the day.  The Midwestern girl in me thinks that eating at 9pm is crazy!  Luckily my internal clock is very off and  I hadn’t eaten all day so I was ready.  We went to a place that specialized in Northern Spain cuisine.  And of course we had lots of tapas, red wine, and olives. Tapas in Spain? Yes please!

SpainMadrid 062 SpainMadrid 063

Our guide ordered for us because we all shared.  We started off with two bean soups.  Sounds strange but the first one was the best thing I had all night.  The first came with pork and chorizo, the second with clams and garlic.

SpainMadrid 066 SpainMadrid 067

Next came the fun stuff:  Mixed salad, calamari, Spanish omelet, grilled veggies, and more wine.

SpainMadrid 068 SpainMadrid 071SpainMadrid 073 SpainMadrid 072

For dessert, the server (who was also the owner) brought us 4 bottles of homemade liquor. Of course we had to try them all.  My favorite was the caramel one for sure.  The clear one was pretty bad.  And the clear brown one was like a sweet jagermiester which I liked.

SpainMadridliquorSpainMadrid 078

The liquor and lack of sleep made me sleep very sound.  We are currently heading to Granada via bus.  This starts the part of the trip where I am visiting places I have never been in Spain- all in the south part where it it sunny and warm!

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4 Responses

  1. Courtney says:

    Yum! That looks like the best travel meal you’ve posted. 😉 Not counting southern cooking of course!

    • Andrea says:

      Well nothing beats the Southern Food Roadtrip of course 🙂 But it was really good! Maybe a little too much seafood for you here, Julia and Michael would be happy though.

  2. Megan says:

    Spain, your trip that I am most jealous of by far, because it is at the top of my list. You must pay extra attention to architecture just to channel me. Por favor.

    • Andrea says:

      Every once in a while I do say something like “The architecture is very cool, my architect friends would really like this”. 🙂

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