Layover in Singapore


The next stop on my trip really random itierary is Cancun to get some beach time in with my mom.  For whatever reason it was less reward flight miles to get to Cancun than almost everywhere in the US I wanted to go- Baltimore, Washington, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas. So we ended up in Cancun.  Muy bueno!


The flight path to Cancun was almost comical.  Denpasar, Bali –> Singapore –> Tokyo –>Chicago –> Cancun.  I had a 12 hour layover in Singapore, luckily the airport there is awesome.  My roommate from my Thailand tour in November came to Singapore for a few days after our Thai adventure and raved about it so I was excited to get a taste of it.


The airport itself has a movie theatre, food and shopping galore, transit hotel, free tours of Singapore, free internet, a pool, spas, sleeper lounges, and more. I made good use of the transit hotel (6 hour minimum), food and shopping, free internet, and the free tour of Singapore.

My hotel was the best $100 (with tax) I ever spent.  For 6 hours I was able to lay down, shower, and leave my things while I wandered the airport.  The room was pretty nice for what it was.  They gave you all the lotions, shampoos, and in-room coffee you needed.


And the illusion of a window to make it feel less cramped.


The free Singapore tour is about 2 hours long and leaves from Terminal 2 and 3.  Sign up before hand because the first one I tried for was sold out.  We load up on a bus and head into Singapore.


Unfortunately you only get to wander around for a short amount of time.  The tour really whets your appetite to see all of what Singapore has to offer.  I would definitely return.

Singapore 035

Above is a hotel/casino with a boat shaped roof top terrace with infinity pool.  An infinity pool 58 stories up would be terrifying.


They have a giant Ferris wheel like the Eye of London as well.


Singapore’s economy is based on banking.  Lots of bank skyscrapers everywhere.


And they have a performance arts complex that looks like a durian.  Remember that smelly fruit that I ate in Bali?

Ubud2 043


It was a fun two hours in Singapore and definitely worth the time if you have a long layover.  And best of all:  It’s free!


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