Light City Baltimore 2018

In April, Baltimore held the 3rd Annual Light City- a showcase of lights, art, music, innovation and community centered around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Light City Baltimore 2018 also delved out of the main part of the city into some neighborhood showcases prior to the main event. There were parades, learning labs, concerts and more bringing together Baltimore residents, families, and visitors to experience something awesome.

Light City Baltimore 2018 motherboard + skyline

The best part about Light City Baltimore 2018 was taking a long walk through the Inner Harbor and Harbor East to see all the light-themed art. While most people walk the loop, this year those who cannot walk that far had the option of pedi-cabs, pedaled by volunteers. The pedi-cabs, or Fireflies, were designed by Cai Guo-Qiang.

Light City Baltimore 2018 pedicab rickshaws

They ended up being one of my favorite “displays” of the whole art walk.

Light City Baltimore 2018 Barnes and Noble

The Baltimore skyline provides some pretty epic lights without Light City so when you add some cool art, it makes the view even more magical. The Instagram pages from the people who visited Light City were on fire for days. So many cool shots from so many different amateur photographers.

Light City Baltimore 2018

Light City Baltimore 2018 light show

Massive lighted rubber ducks were placed in the harbor and were my favorite display. It was an awesome photo and so random. I totally sang Sesame Street’s “Rubber Ducky” to BC as a romantic sonnet while taking these pictures Smile But the point of the art installation was to draw attention to making the Inner Harbor swimmable again someday.

Light City Baltimore 2018 Rubber Ducky

Light City Baltimore 2018 brought in about 450,000 people to the Inner Harbor over 8 days, breaking last year’s total of 175,000. We did the art walk on a Wednesday so it was not crowded even a little. On the weekends it can be a zoo though so plan accordingly.


Musical performances occurred every night as well with food and drink stands littering the available space in the Inner Harbor. It will make for a fun night out, especially if you are looking for something to do on a weeknight when not a lot of things are going on for dates or a fun night out.

Light City Baltimore 2018 Inner Harbor garden

Dates are set for Light City 2019 already so at the beginning of April make sure you get to Baltimore to experience the artsy and awesome Light City Baltimore. Combine it with an Orioles baseball game, a work trip, seeing friends, or just visit a new city- you will be very glad you did.

Light City Baltimore 2018 Jellyfish

Reader Question: Does your city/town have any random but cool festivals or exhibitions?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    How fun! I’m going to have to make a note of this for next year.

  2. What a beautiful event! Looks so pretty and like a lot of fun.

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