Light City Baltimore

Last week in Baltimore was the incredible festival in the Inner Harbor known as Light City Baltimore. Artists lit up their works around the Harbor while local vendors set up food stand, beer tents, and shops. Other neighborhoods in Baltimore including Harbor East, Fells Point, Hampden, and more joined in the fun with fun lights and art.

IMG_9697 (2)

People from all walks of life descended upon the Harbor for some free fun including light up see-saws, DJs pumping out the house music, and free sessions on business startups, fitness demonstrations and more. This is Light City Baltimore’s second year here- the first year was our first big gathering in Baltimore since the civil unrest so much discussed on major media networks. If a festival can attempt to bring joy to a sad city, Light City gave it all they had last year.

Light City Baltimore 2017 the egg

This year was even bigger and better! BC and I took Cyrus (the dog) with us on our stroll through the Inner Harbor and Harbor East. It was very crowded but the dog behaved well and he made tons of new friends.

IMG_9156 (2)

The umbrella sailboat by Pier 4 was my favorite. There were actually 3 umbrella sailboats but this was the biggest one.

Light City Baltimore umbrella sailboat

The two smaller guys:

IMG_9701 (2)

Harbor East lit up the neighborhood too. The statue in the main traffic circle:

IMG_9166 (2)

A fish tank car outside the Four Seasons and Wit and Wisdom.

IMG_9703 (2)

The peacock by the Under Armour flagship store was lit up to music. It was “dancing” to James Brown when we stopped to look.

Light City Baltimore Harbor East Dancing Peacock

The bridge connecting the Inner Harbor and Harbor East was also done to music. The glow in the dark string pulsated to the music. It was very cool in person!

Light City Baltimore music and art

The funniest one was right along the main road. I thought it looked like they had to pee Smile

Light City Baltimore Inner Harbor

Light City Baltimore was a fun, family event and its’ organizers deserve so much credit. I can’t wait to see what the artists come up with next year.

Light City Baltimore the egg

Reader Question: Modern Art with Lights- dopey or really cool? I definitely think it was really cool!

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  1. I’ll go with really cool! What a fun way to spend a night. And I spotted a cutie boxer! 🙂

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