Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia (pronounced Lee-oo-blee-ah-na). Slovenia was part of the former Yugoslavia.  It voted to become an independent nation on December 23, 1990 and with the declaration of independence occurring on June 25, 1991.  Slovenia is the more prosperous area of the former Yugoslavia.

To get to Ljubljana, Slovenia it was a 6 1/2 hour car ride from Stuttgart, Germany (where my sister lives).  It was very pretty once we hit Austria.

For example I took this picture when we were driving through road construction (meaning we were going 60mph not 100mph).  It was foggy out but so cool driving through the Austrian Alps.  One tunnel through the mountain was 4 miles long.

Slovenia1 001

We started the day off in Ljibuljana at Preseren Square.  It is a block from our hotel with the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever slept on.  It was a thin mattress pad on top of metal bars.  Metal isn’t very comfortable to sleep on- my sister thought it was funny that I got the terrible bed.

Slovenia1 006

A pink church

Slovenia1 003

Then we went to the Market for some shopping and bought some cherries.

Slovenia1 012

They were really good!  My first cherries of the season.

Slovenia1 024

High up on the hill was the Ljubljana Grad– or castle.  It was not very impressive.  But most of Ljubljana was destroyed in an earthquake in the 1890’s so most of the original architecture was destroyed.

Slovenia1 021

The view from the top looking down.

Slovenia1 018

Dragon Bridge.  Dragons are the symbol of Ljubljana because Jason of the Argonauts slayed a dragon nearby.

River walk views:

Slovenia1 008

Slovenia1 013

cool church door

Slovenia1 015

Slovenia1 036

Slovenia1 039

Then it was beer time at 11:40am. Totally normal.  Union beer is the Slovenian beer of choice and is brewed in Ljubljana.  It was pretty good but Eastern European beer tends to be a little more bitter than I like it.

Josh and I are the beer drinkers:

Slovenia1 027

We all decided that Ljubljana, Slovenia is a very cool city.  Very laid back, pretty with lots of young people because of the university.

More to come later.  We are going to a polka bar tonight! 🙂


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  1. Natalie says:

    I’ve passed through Slovenia on my way to Austria from Croatia, and the scenery is spectacular. Ljubljana sounds like a nice city!

  2. Arnie says:

    Looks like a great place! I’m ready to pack up. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Ljubljana, Slovenia looks like my type of city.

  4. What a lovely city! I have always wanted to visit. Oh, and I like pink churches too.

  5. I *really* want to visit Slovenia! Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences.

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