London for Foodies

London is a food-lovers town. With so many vibrant restaurants and ethnics options, a traveler need not eat the same cuisine more than once.  On our recent trip we did our best to get out and explore the culinary options London has to offer.

London for Foodies Bibimbap Soho

One of my favorite meals was the night we went to eat Bibimbap at Bibimbap Soho. The lineup outside started at 5:45pm for their 6pm opening time. We were about 12th in line and managed to get a table right away in the small restaurant.


Both BC and I ordered Bibimbap (of course) as well as the korean fried chicken bites, which were awesome. My mushroom bibimbap with an egg (above) and BC’s beef bool-go-gi (that is how they spelled it) with an egg. The bowls are so hot the food continues to cook even as it sits on the table.

IMG_1125 (2)

Two thumbs up for Bibimbap Soho!

We did have some British food that was tasty. Usually the British food we had was on the greasy and not-so-good side of things. BC really enjoyed the full British breakfast but our lunch and dinners were lacking. One lunch in Covent Garden we stopped at pie place. The chicken and mushroom pie from Battersea Pie Station was fantastic. BC said he wasn’t hungry from his full British breakfast but saw this and had some too.

London for Foodies Battersea Pie Station

There was brown gravy to dump all over the top but it really wasn’t necessary. Add a beer and there is the makings for a great vacation lunch.

Once we were boring and had an American breakfast- mostly because it was pouring rain, this was close to our place, and we were starving the next morning after our long, long day in Paris.

IMG_1181 (2)

Soho and Chinatown border each other which meant a lot of Asian cuisines were in our area. We found a Thai place one night and had a feast.


After the amazing gnocchi al gorgonzola at La Porchetta Pollo Bar that I raved about and let BC have some of the leftovers, we went back for pizza. La Porchetta has a pizza maker in the front of the restaurant tossing pizzas (and calzones) and look and smell amazing. I had the pizza with eggplant, sun-dried tomatoes, and arugula and BC had a meat and cheese calazone. We ate everything! So, so good!

London for Foodies La Porchetta Pollo Bar

The best advice I can give is to use Google and Yelp to find good places to eat in London. You won’t gain an ounce as all the walking negates every delicious calorie (We both actually lost weight on this trip!). Stay out of the tourist traps. Try something new. Use all your senses to experience London for foodies- smell the smells and taste all the different tastes.

Reader Question: Favorite ethnic cuisine? I’m a toss up between Japanese and Italian.

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  1. Fshoq says:

    English food (especially English Breakfast) is my favorite type of meal and every time I go to London I eat and eat and don’t have enough. That’s good I don’t live there, otherwise, I could get fat 😀

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