Louie’s Backyard, Key West and a Sunset Cruise

Hello from Key West! The drive from Key Largo to Key West was beautiful and thankfully light on traffic.  The last time I did that drive when I was a kid we were stuck on the highway for 3 hours in the same spot because of a bad accident.  It was very important to get to Key West by 2pm to meet our friends for beers and lunch at Louie’s Smile

Oregon beer on the Florida coast- whatever!

Louie's Backyard Key West porch

Louie’s Backyard is famous for their great views on the deck and happy hour.

Louie's Backyard Key West view from porch

Our crew grabbed a table on the deck and ordered some lunch. Grilled shrimp Caesar salad for me! BC got a burger and liked it.

Louie's Backyard Key West Shrimp Ceaser Salad

After lunch we checked into our hotel the Simonton Court Inn– more on that later- and hit the pool.  It is hot in Key West and the half mile walk from the restaurant back to the hotel had us drenched in sweat.  I changed into my swimsuit as fast as humanly possible and raced across the burning hot pool deck and hopped in.

Simonton Court Key West main pool

Our small hotel had 4 pools- this was the main one. After a few hours of relaxing we had to get ready for a sunset cruise. We are in Key West for our friends- Melanie and Rob’s wedding and the sunset cruise was their rehearsal dinner of sorts.

Dawn and I:

Key West Sunset cruise

Dawn is lucky enough to live in Key West! She used to live in Baltimore and be part of my awesome book club.

Key West Sunset Cruise views

The sunset cruise was very rocky and windy once we really got going. It was a catamaran and I got soaked sitting up front. Inside there were plenty of appetizers, Cuban sandwiches, sangria, and people to keep it fun.

Key West Sunset Cruise sunset

Tomorrow is the wedding and time for exploring more of Key West!

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  1. Chaitali says:

    I am so jealous! The photos look beautiful. Any day by the beach is a good day in my book 🙂

  2. Tiago says:

    Great adventures. Nice pictures.

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