Lovina and snorkleing Menjangan Island, Bali


We are in Lovina, a nice little beach town in North Bali.  Since it is across the island from the airport, all those crazy Aussies don’t find their way here.  We started the day off at the market so check out the local goods.  It was hopping!

Lovina, Bali market

These are dried fish.  It didn’t smell as bad as you would think.

Lovina, Bali Market dried fish

The top rows are rice (black, white, for eating, and for animals and offerings).  The bottom are tiny dried fish.  I saw a lot of people munching on these around Lovina and all over Bali.

Lovina, Bali market dried fish and rice

Next up was snorkeling the fantastic coral reef off Menjangan Island.  Dare I say that the fish and coral were better than the Great Barrier Reef?  Well, I think it was.  At places like this I wish I had an underwater camera.  We saw bright blue starfish, sea snakes, lots of jellyfish (which was not my favorite), and so many fish!  It was fantastic!

Menjagan Island, Bali

We snorkeled from this shore only a few feet out for some great aquatic life.  After about 50 feet from the shore there is a 50 meter drop off which is very cool to see and swim around.

For lunch there was banana chips.  Because there are no restaurants on the island.


They were delicious.

Our next snorkeling spot was on the other side of Menjangan Island.  We had to pass a temple to get there.



The second snorkel spot had a lot less jellyfish, a little less aquatic life but was my favorite because we could just tool around and not have to avoid the jellyfish.  There were some big storms the night before which according to our guide brings the jellyfish closer to shore.  No one got stung really, I got some sea lice pricks at the first stop but that was it.

Hilarious sign on the way home to Lovina:

Lovina, Bali funny sign

The Indonesian words are in white and mean “stay away from drugs” and supposed to be a service message.  They translated that into English as “hide your drugs!”  Not quite what they meant I’m sure.

Dinner was fantastic and interesting and had a good back story.  A few years ago a lady who worked at the Lovina hotel we used had a medical issue but couldn’t afford to get it looked it.  There was a doctor on the tour who offered to check her out and found that she had a tumor.  The whole group pitched in to pay for the tumor removal since she only makes about $5 per day and the surgery was $300 (yes surgery for $300 but no one can really afford it).  She is so grateful that every tour that comes through (about 20 per year), she has come to her house and she cooks for them.  We do donate whatever we think is appropriate (recommended $5) but it is a good story and great food.

Another side note:  that tour years ago that chipped in for the surgery, 2 of my tour mates were on that tour.  She remembered them, hugged and cried and all that mushy stuff.  It was very cute!

Lovina, Bali feast

We ate homemade fish cakes, tuna and chicken skewers, sweet potato, veggies, rice, prawn crackers, mangosteen (my favorite new fruit), tempeh, tofu, and could add lots of hot sauce.  It was delicious!

Lovina, Bali dinner

We are heading to the mountains of Bali in a few hours.  Lovina and Menjangan Island were great stops on the tour and highly recommended by me!

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