Lower Antelope Canyon

When we started planning the Great Roadtrip my only two must-sees were Glacier National Park and Antelope Canyon. They are two very out-of-the-way locales, thousands of miles apart. But on the Great Roadtrip I finally got to see these spectacular sights- cross them off the bucket list!

IMG_7718 (2)

After a fairly easy drive from the North Rim of Canyon National Park, we arrived in Page, Arizona. After securing a campsite at an overflow spot in Page, food was the priority. My sister had come to Page and Antelope Canyon with her family just a few weeks before and she recommended this place, Patio 7. A Fry Bread Taco for me!


It was gigantic! This place was neat- outdoor seating and a counter to order at. Everyone was really nice and helped me out since Navajo/Southwest cuisine is something I eat but don’t know much about. Someday this place will be on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.

IMG_8965 (2)

Lunch discussion was do we just go to Navajo Country and do Lower Antelope Canyon now or wait until tomorrow morning? I’m a doer and BC is a relaxer but even he said, “Let’s go!”.

IMG_7699 (2)

Off we went to Navajo Country where $8 gets you in the parking lot. From there you pick one of two companies to take the Lower Antelope Canyon tour. It was super-unorganized to the point they told us tours were full for the day when we asked someone else they retorted that of course there were tickets available- we could go on the next tour at 3:30pm.  Okay!

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However, we probably should have waited until the next day. The line to get in was huge! We waited in line outside the canyon for an hour or so before climbing down the steep metal stairs into Lower Antelope Canyon.

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Inside the holding room we took photos. Our guide was awesome and showed us some neat tricks with our cameras and camera phones. The light in the canyon is always changing so he showed us what worked best.

IMG_8975 (2)

BC found the passageway a little narrow a few times but since the top of the canyon was high up and there was a lot of natural light, I didn’t feel claustrophobic even a little bit.

IMG_7737 (2)

We were rushed in some places and left to dawdle in other but Lower Antelope Canyon is pretty long and took us a good 30 minutes to get through (stopping for many photos of course!).


IMG_8971 (2)

Check out his lip- still swollen but this is sooooooo much better than this morning!

IMG_8953 (2)

All in all it was an awesome sight, although next time I will come earlier in the day when the light is better and the crowds are thinner.

Dinner included giant margaritas El Tapatio which gave me quite the buzz and some nachos.  I had a really good day!



Reader Question: Have you ever been to Lower Antelope Canyon? or Upper? What did you think- overrated or awesome?


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17 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    I have never heard of Lower Antelope Canyon but it looks amazing! That’s a good tip to go early though. I’m not sure I would have made it through the hour long line.

  2. Wow!!! That is amazing. It doesn’t even look real!

  3. Jill says:

    We did a tour to Antelope Canyon and it was just amazing! Though we struck out on a fry bread taco – the place everyone recommended to us was closed

  4. Ruth says:

    I have never been to this place! I know it is a must on the West and I hope to visit soon. I know it gets very crowded. Hope I can pick a good moment when there is not that many people. #WeekendWanderlust

  5. This was gorgeous!! I SO need to see this corner of the world. Tweeted for you. Thanks for linking up.

  6. Wow, I’ve never been to Antelope Canyon and your photos look unreal! Absolutely beautiful! I hope to make it over there some day…and the food looks fantastic too!

  7. I have never heard of Antelope Canyon – but why hasn’t his amazing site been on my radar until now?? I cannot possibly think why anyone would think this would be over-rated, from your story and your photos, it looks absolutely stunning, seriously, I am gobsmacked at it’s beauty! I have pinned this for future reference and thank you so much for bringing this fabulous destination to my attention! #feetdotravel

  8. Wow what an interesting place to visit, superb photos too! Would love to visit one day 🙂

  9. Great photos of the Lower Antelope Canyon. This has been on my bucket-list for a while and I will get there someday. Good tip, go to the early morning tours. The restaurant food looks yummy along with those well deserved Margaritas. Thanks for the information and for sharing 🙂

  10. SamH Travels says:

    I was on this region in 2010 and I am so disappointed I didn’t know this place existed! It looks amazing and definitely somewhere worth visiting. Nothing else for it…I will just have to visit the area again!

  11. Lisa says:

    Love visiting those places and great hikes! Your pictures really caught the beauty there. Another semi-hidden gem areas out west. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Tracy says:

    I had never heard of Lower Antelope Canyon but wow it’s stunning!! Your photographs are so beautiful too!

    I am going to have to check out exactly where this is on the map as it is somewhere I am going to have to visit at some point!

  13. David says:

    This really is so cool! I’ve seen photos of Antelope Canyon before and yours certainly match up, well done. It’s so mesmerising, wow.

  14. The photos are incredible, the place doesn’t even look real! Love it

  15. Jenn | By Land and Sea says:

    Love it! I’ve heard of this place, yet haven’t been there! I love the movement in the face of the rocks!

  16. Garth says:

    I’ve always fancied Antelope Canyon one day, thanks for showing me how it really is, can’t believe how long those queues are! you never see pictures like that. Will definitely take one of those early morning tours! Have pinned for future reference 🙂

  17. Travel Lexx says:

    Antelope Canyon is one of the places that I just HAVE to see on my next visit to the States. I wasn’t too far away last year but just didn’t get round to it! Your photos are beautiful but I would be really annoyed at all the people! Hopefully you get to visit it earlier another time! Thanks for sharing

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