Luoyang, China

Luoyang is located in the Henan providence of Central China.   I connected in San Francisco to Shanghai and then on to Luoyang. That was quite the journey but I racked up a lot of flight miles.

The Audiology nerd in me loved this public sound level meter!

China Luoyand Public Sound level meter

Luoyang has between 2-6 million residents depending on where you determine the borders are located.  Either way, it is a giant city by most standards is a medium city by China’s.

China- Luoyang roasted nuts

Also it was not too smoggy by China’s standards but was very smoggy by mine.  I tried to run outside a few times, no more than a few miles.  Mallene and I did join some Tai Chi groups in park (even though we technically are not supposed to) just for fun and some exercise.

Moped drive-through watermelon:

China- Luoyang Grab and Go

Mostly we just worked.  8 or 9 hours a day helping teach audiology techs how to fit hearing aids, test hearing, and more.  I was the only CI audiologist within miles so I ended up doing programming on those who were lucky enough to get a CI.  The adorable kids at the hearing impaired school put on performances for us.

CHina- Luoyang School performance

Karaoke and eating out were our fun for the trip.  I’m not much of a singer but I did some backup dancing at one point.

China- Group Karaoke

We got a fruit basket for renting a karaoke room.  We also ordered some beer which they serve warm.  Yuck! I did not end up drinking much on this trip.

China- Luoyang Fruit basket Karaoke

Katherine and David getting into it:

China- Luoyang Karaoke

My favorite thing we did in Luoyang was visit the Old Luoyang City.  The streets, shops, and restaurants were much more narrow, hardly any cars, and were all decorated nicely.

China- Old Luoyang City

My favorite meal was the water feast in Luoyang. Basically food is served on a lazy Susan and you turn it when you want something on the other side of the table.  Everything is family style.  I liked it because we could try a lot of different things.  Some nights we had pig intestine and others chicken, veggies, and normal things.  (I did try the pig intestine, not my favorite)

These are just the appetizers for the water feast.

China- Waterfeast

Overall there are 24 dishes, many of them soups.  We maybe finished a third of the food and there were about 15 of us altogether.  It was totally gluttony but delicious and an authentic Luoyang experience.

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