Luxembourg in A Day

Luxembourg is a small country, easily passed over if you aren’t looking for it. On my train ride from Brussels to Luxembourg City, I never saw the border, even on the way back to Belgium. Attempting to see Luxembourg City  in one day on a European vacation is totally doable if you are wearing your walking shoes and ready to get your heart pumping.


Old Town Luxembourg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site,  is the highlight of the country. While there is a little bit more to Luxembourg, the history and character are not to be missed here. Because of its strategic location at the meeting point of the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers, high above on  the steep cliffs a fortress was erected and from the 10th to 19th centuries was a sought-after position to hold.

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A little smaller than Rhode Island around 1000 square miles, Luxembourg is now known for banking and finance, with a reputation for being a tax haven. With all those hidden monies, they are quite a wealthy country and with the magnificent upkeep of Old Town Luxembourg, it really shines.

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The Luxembourg tour office recommends that walking a self-guided walking tour is a good way to see the sights here. I opted to take the marked difficult Wenzel Circle Trail, named after the Duke of Wenceslas. It will take about 2 hours to walk the trail and take photos. There are a few places to go inside, watch a video, and see the fortifications. But be ready for some sweating. Walking down to the river and then back up again, plus many stairs in the middle makes for a  workout!


After my self-guided tour, I was ready to eat! My hotel was a few blocks off the main Place d’Armes a hub of activity with restaurants, shops, and excellent people watching. My sister was here years ago and reported back that my favorite restaurant from childhood still exists in Luxembourg. My mom and I always went to Chi-Chi’s Mexican Restaurant whenever we went to the mall for their chicken taco salad and chips and salsa.


Long ago Chi-Chi’s went out of business in the United States but apparently it is still a thing here! Nostalgic taco salad and chips and salsa, here I come! I’m not going to lie, it was not exactly the same but good enough for me. The chips and salsa were really quite bad but the salad, while different was still quite tasty. The 14 year old kid inside me was sated.


Luxembourg on a Sunday is not hopping or even remotely crowded besides the Place d’Armes. I had streets to myself practically and was able to get photos without people in them.

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Luxembourg Old Town is super clean with grand buildings to view on a leisurely walk around the streets. If you do plan a European vacation, make a day, or even an afternoon to stroll through Luxembourg City’s Old Town.


Reader Questions: Have you ever been to Luxembourg? Did you ever eat at Chi-Chi’s? What is your favorite restaurant from childhood?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    It looks beautiful! And how cool that you were able to have it practically to yourself. Luxembourg’s never really been on my radar but now it is 🙂

  2. What a wonderful trip for a day! Don’t you love the charming Europe cities like this??!!

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