Making Noodles in Hoi An

Hoi An during the day is an amazing place. I filled my days with cooking classes, tailor fittings, iced coffee breaks, and beach time. It was very hot and humid during the day in November but apparently that is the norm in Hoi An.


I went for a run early in the morning and ran through the market mostly frequented by locals. I bought some sunglasses for $2 because I busted mine a few days earlier. A productive run! I didn’t go nearly as far as I did in Hue, Vietnam because I learned from experience that Vietnam is too humid for more than a few miles (for me at least!).

20181111_110838 (2)

In Hoi An’s Old Town there are a few sights to see like the Japanese Covered Bridge which opened in 1719. The thrice daily cultural show in Old Town had air conditioning which was awesome for an hour but the show itself was a bit lackluster at times, the best part being the BINGO song again! BINGO in Vietnam is really cool!

20181111_151426 (2)

On this hot and steamy afternoon my group took a cooking class and we learned how to make rice noodles and learned all the different types of noodles used in Vietnamese cooking. There are a lot of different kinds used in different regions of Vietnam.

20181111_135706 (2)

Can we just talk about how large I am compared to the tiny Vietnamese woman teaching me how to cook?! This was common on the whole trip. Shopping for pre-made clothes was hilarious.


While our rice cake thingy cooked on the steamer, we had to count down from 5 to 1 in Vietnamese loudly and vivaciously. I’ve already forgotten the words but it was fun.


Eventually noodles were cut and we ended up eating a soup/salad combo with our creations. It is weird eating salad in soup but the flavors were amazing and everyone (even the complaining, boring people at the table behind us) loved their bowl of deliciousness.

20181111_142146 (2)

I told you BINGO was cool here so we went to BINGO that night again. Here is a YouTube video of the BINGO song since I can’t find my video.

20181111_191249 (2)

And of course the lanterns around the city were amazing.

20181111_184149 (2)

For dinner, I was not that hungry, the soup/salad noodle bowl held me over! A few of the adventurous members of my little group wanted to eat street food at the night market.


I basically led everyone to this lady who had a decent sized line and ordered the biggest octopus they had. She grilled it up for us and we dug in quickly.

20181111_203014 (2)

It was awesome! It cost us $4 which was far more than most of the other street food but it was fantastic. Other people had banana pancakes with nutella, spring rolls, meat on a stick, fresh fruit, scallion pancakes, and other unidentified treats.


Posing with our grilled octopus:


It was another fantastic day in Hoi An. Next up is the beach!

Reader Question: Would you eat grilled octopus? Would you eat grilled octopus from a street vendor? These are two very different things! Smile

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