Marlowe’s Ribs Memphis, TN

Right down the street from Graceland on Elvis Presley Boulevard is Marlowe’s Ribs and Restaurant. This BBQ joint caught my eye because it is my family name! Also the fact that it is a well-known Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives Memphis BBQ spot, convinced me to eat there rather than just take photos of the signs and restaurant for my family.

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Marlowe’s has been open since 1974 and Elvis has actually eaten here (it is only a half mile from Graceland). There is even a pink limo that will come pick you up if you reserve it in advance.  I was on the way to the Memphis airport in my rental car so there was no pink limo ride for me.

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Obviously you are supposed to get the ribs at Marlowe’s Ribs and Restaurant. But it was just me eating and the father and son at the table next to me got a slab to share and still couldn’t finish one order. So I opted for the pulled pork platter with baked beans, coleslaw, and some strangely good fried bread.

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Marlowe’s is officially the winner of the best meal of my Memphis, Mississippi, and Arkansas trip! The pulled pork was outstanding (and plentiful) and the sides were pretty delicious. A bunch of other tables around me ordered the ribs, bananas foster dessert, and some other sides. I did have some food envy so next time I’ll have to bring friends to share with. I finished about half of my plate before I rolled myself out the door on my way to my departing flight back home.

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If I am ever back in Memphis, I’ll make sure to visit my favorite Memphis restaurant- because of the delicious food and the awesome name! Smile

Reader Question: Have you visited a restaurant with your name? Did the food live up to it’s name?

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