Meatballs and Musicals

This past week in Baltimore has been a fun one for us. Because of the gorgeous weather, we went to the Fells Point neighborhood to drink wine, eat meatballs (!) at 8 Ball Meatball, and check out the new Under Armour hotel. And last night we went to see Something Rotten, a hilarious musical at the Hippodrome.

IMG_9257 (2)

The plot involves two brothers trying to outdo sexy Shakespeare in becoming the best theatre group. Breaking into song and dance while making fun of the concept of musicals with occasional sexy Shakespeare scenes moves the plot along quickly. This is one of the few shows I’ve seen that I didn’t think had too long of  a run time. If Something Rotten comes to your local theatre, definitely go see it! This was my second time, the first on Broadway, and I’d go a third time for sure.


(Theatre lighting made me look orange so black and white filter it is!)

Pre-theatre Old Fashioned at Bookmakers Cocktail Club:

IMG_9246 (2)

Bookmakers is a great option if you are in the mood for a fancy cocktail. This is only half the bourbon/rye/whiskey that they have.

IMG_9245 (2)

Since the title of this post is Meatballs and Musicals I bet you are wondering where the meatballs come into play. A few days ago BC met me after work outside of V-No- a fun, little wine shop along the harbor in Fells Point.

IMG_9218 (2)

I have this exact same photo from a year ago on my birthday. Drinking wine outside on a nice day is a favorite activity of mine.

Our dinner venue that night was my idea but BC was totally on board. We went to 8 Ball Meatball- a meatball themed restaurant known for their meatballs (duh!) and Detroit-style pizza. I saw yummy looking food from there on Instagram so I was exited to try it. They have lots of different kinds of meatballs (including vegetarian options!)

Meatballs are on special during happy hour so BC partook in that. We ordered 3 meatball sliders- a pork and beef meatball with peanut hoisin sauce, a classic meatball with mushroom gravy, and a spicy pork with parmesan crème sauce.

8 Ball Meatball trio of sliders

I ordered the Detroit-style buffalo chicken pizza. The chicken was really a cut up chicken meatball. The pizza was awesome. BC ended up eating half of it he liked it so much Smile

8 Ball Meatball buffalo chicken pizza

I laughed a whole lot when I went to the bathroom in 8 Ball Meatball. When in a meatball themed restaurant it just makes sense:

8 Ball Meatball bathroom signs

After this we walked a half a block to the new Under Armour hotel called the Pendry to walk around. More about this later though, I have a bachelorette party there this Saturday so I’ll get to explore even more!

Reader Question: A meatball restaurant- weird or awesome? Have you ever seen Something Rotten?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Ooh… I’ve heard great things about Something Rotten! I think it’s coming to DC later this year so I’m hoping to see it 🙂

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