Memorial Day Weekend in Dewey Beach

I haven’t checked in in a week because I’ve been at the beach! The Delaware shore is my beach- the Dewey and Rehoboth area. My housemates and I had a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend that BC and I extended by a few days.

IMG_6378 (2)

It was warm and sunny when we arrived early Friday. I had a neighborhood fundraising wine event on Thursday so we couldn’t leave until the morning. (Yes my neighborhood has wine events to raise money, we are awesome!). I was worried about traffic but no need!

I was on the beach by 2pm.

IMG_6379 (3)

Over the weekend we ate, drank, and had a merry time. 10 people “live” in my beach house at a time. BC and I have our own room and we know everyone from last weekend or past years at the beach. Some of my house mates are from Baltimore, DC, Pennsylvania, and other parts of Delaware. A beach house with friends is a great way to spend the summer and get to know other people in the Mid-Atlantic.


For one house dinner (to avoid the reaping that is Memorial Day Weekend at the beach), we all cooked stuff. I made the guacamole that went on these beautiful nachos that Lindsay made.

IMG_6383 (2)

We failed and ran out of propane so grilling indoors commenced. BC was in charge of the grilling and only started one small fire (for real!). My other house food contribution was a fruit plate. A fantastic cook I am not (just like Mom Smile ).

IMG_6384 (2)

On Sunday a really thick, strange fog rolled in blocking my gorgeous views. I hung out at the beach in the oddly humid and warm fog until I was too sweaty. There was a tropical storm hitting South Carolina and this was apparently part of the front moving in.

IMG_6385 (2)

When the beach is not an option anymore, the Starboard is the only place to be! They have great drinks, good food, good bands, and is quite the people-watching venue. We had many drinks and lots of fun with friends from all over the Mid-Atlantic. I saw friends from Virginia all the way up to Boston.

IMG_6352 (2)

The orange crush with soda water is my go-to. Everyone but me starts out with a Bloody Mary here besides me. They have a Bloody Mary bar here with so many choices that it is obscene. They are fun to make but not to drink (I hate tomato juice!).

IMG_6354 (2)

BC and I took a break from the festivities to eat at the new Starboard Raw, across the street from the original. It hasn’t been open long but I’m sure there will be many return trips for us. We ordered some beers and some food- a crab cake sandwich for me (delicious!)

IMG_6388 (2)

and a lobster roll for him. He said it was good, not Maine lobster roll good but good.

IMG_6389 (2)

My favorite meal of the weekend was when we finally returned home, had no propane (story of my life), so I ventured out to find a restaurant open on a holiday. Luckily &Pizza just opened 3 blocks from home! I ordered the Pineapple Jack and the Moonstruck mushroom pie.


Both were freaking amazing but we liked the Moonstruck slightly more. I cannot wait to go back and try some more options. &Pizza is the coolest!

Reader Question: How was Memorial Day Weekend? Did you do anything new and different? Eat any delicious food?

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! I still haven’t been to Dewey or Rehoboth but I need to give them a try. It doesn’t look like the beach was crowded from your pictures.

  2. We had a pretty calm Memorial Day weekend because we traveled the week before.
    There is nothing like summer on the beach!! My fav!

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