Midnight in New Orleans

A new adventure begins in New Orleans! It was an eventful start to the trip. My flight arrived into New Orleans close to midnight due to a delay while connecting in St. Louis.  When is St. Louis, drink Schlafly.  This is their delicious pale ale.

St. louis airport Schafly

The flight from St. Louis to New Orleans was a scary one due to the man in the seat ahead of me having a possible heart attack about 40 minutes out from the airport.  Luckily there was a doctor on board.  The pilots brought that plane in so fast in was unreal.

For a few seconds I debated just going to the hotel and staying in since it was already past midnight.  But this is midnight in New Orleans, the night was still young!

Midnight in New Orleans Bourbon Street

After a quick wardrobe change at the Doubletree Hotel  in the French Quarter, I met my friends on Bourbon Street.

Midnight in New Orleans friends

Live music and an Abita Amber beer to start things off.

Midnight in New Orleans live music and Abita

We started at Fat Catz (which was excessively loud) and meandered all over.  The names all blend together after a while.

You can still smoke in the bars in New Orleans. I glared at a guy smoking before I remembered that this is the South Smile

MIdnight in New Orleans Beach Club dancing

We did some dancing, people watching, and selfie-taking.

NOLA bourbon st selfie

Bill insisted we end the night up at Krystal Burger– a new experience for me.

NOLA Bourbon St Krystal

I got a Diet Coke but Bill swears by the little tiny burgers.  I admit they smelled good at 3am.

NOLA Krystal Bill

Four tiny burgers in an order:

NOLA Krystal Baby burgers

Someone in our group needed money but we passed this ATM up. Would you ever use this creepy ATM?  There were so many cracks in it. Identity theft waiting to happen I say.

Bourbon Street Shady ATM

Stayed tune for more fun, a voodoo tour, and great eats in New Orleans!

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