Milan, Italy and it’s shady characters


Around 10am I started the journey from CinqueTerre to Stuttgart, Germany.  First up was the train to Milan, Italy (also known as Milano in Italian).  In Milan I had about 2 hours to kill before I needed to catch the train to the airport.  I didn’t have a guidebook or a map but I knew the Duomo was a do-not miss sight in Milan.  The subway was pretty easy to navigate, once you got past all the creepers trying to pick your pocket.  I did look like a mark to quite a few people because I had my suitcase with me.  Alas, the Duomo in Milan, Italy.

Milan, Italy Duomo

I’m even in the picture!  The Duomo Piazza was impressive, except for the people trying to rip people off. Scams were abound in this piazza.

Milan, Italy Mall

This is the entrance to the outdoor shopping “mall”.  Store line up on either saide and the glass arch in the middle makes you feel more inside than outside. It was gorgeous. They just don’t build stuff like this in the US.

After wandering around for about 10 more minutes I was sufficiently creeped out enough to head back to the train station to catch a train to the airport.  Especially when travelling by yourself with no one to watch your back, you need to know when to just pack it in for the day.  Milan was not as dirty and full of creepers as Naples is but it was definitely somewhere I didn’t feel comfortable for long.  Milan, Italy will not on my must-visit list- which is a shame as the buildings were are impressive!

Another train and plane ride later, I got to see my favorite nephew (and my only nephew).

Cinqueterre2 024

More from Stuttgart, Germany and more European adventures are coming up!



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  1. Courtney says:

    So, in the city full of pick pocket creepers you decide to hand over your camera to one for a picture? Awesome! But yay for proof that you are really there and not just avoiding work!

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