Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Monument Valley Stop 9

Monument Valley is technically in Arizona but you have to pass through some of Utah to get there. BC had never been to Utah so he added a new state and was very excited about it.


We stayed at a Hampton Inn in the small town of Kayenta, Arizona. Kayenta is part of Navajo Nation- a Navajo Indian Reservation so they do not serve alcohol and they do observe Daylight Savings Time which the rest of Arizona does not.  I never could figure out what time it was.

For dinner we relied on Yelp to find us something other than fast food.  We ended up at a dive called Amigos.


It is a Mexican/Navajo food spot with excellent reading material on every table- BC took Geezerhood 🙂 We had chips with very spicy salsa, a fajita burrito, and some fry bread- a Navajo specialty.  The fry bread was so good, I ate too much of it and felt slightly ill afterwards.  Fry bread is very cheap so have some for breakfast, lunch, or dinner if you are on a budget.


Monument Valley scenic drive is about 35 minutes from Kayenta.  The only hotel right by Monument Valley was $400 per night- no thank you!  It costs $5 per person to get on the grounds.  If you have an SUV or truck you can drive the route taking about 90 minutes with photo stops.  It is a very bumpy, unpaved, red dirt road so driving a normal car would not be the best idea.  The other way to see Monument Valley is by doing a 3.3 mile hike.  We did the drive fairly early (around 8:30am) so we only saw a few other cars.  As we were leaving a lot more people were pouring in.

Monument Valley, Arizona

There were a lot of cool rock formations.  Some required a good imagination to see what they were named after.  I never saw the elephant from Elephant Butte but oh well.

This one was easy: The Cube

Monument Valley The Cube

East and West Mittens.  They look like mittens.  Here’s me making mitten hands in the morning light.

East and West Mittens Monument Valley

My favorite photos came from stop 9 and 10 so we took a lot of pictures there.

Monument Valley Landscape


After our bumpy, dusty ride we drove 3 hours into Sedona for some lunch and red rock sightseeing.  Unfortunately over Memorial Day weekend it was super-packed so we just had lunch and missed Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock Park.

We went to Cowboy Club Bar and Grill in Sedona that was close to where I could find a parking spot.  Oak Creek beer is brewed in Sedona and the Amber Ale was BC and Andrea approved.  Muy bueno! BC had the bison burger and I had the crab and shrimp salad.  I needed some vegetables in my life.

Arizonabisonburger Arizonacrabsalad

Thirty minutes outside of Sedona on the way back to Phoenix is a small National Monument called Montezuma’s Castle.  It was built in the 1300-1400’s in the side of a cliff to house dozens and dozens of families.  There are other dug out caves in the cliff around the big “castle” that were made even earlier and still exist.


It is a good little stop to get out of the car and stretch your legs.

That is all from Arizona today!


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Looks like a great trip, love all the rock formations! We had visited that area over a decade ago and this post is reminding us we need to return!

  2. Lauren says:

    How cool that there’s a castle built into the side of a mountain!? That’s awesome! I have a question for you – what is fry bread? Is it just flatbread that is deep-fried? I would likely eat too much and get sick, too, hahaa. I reaaaally want to travel to Utah and Arizona, a part of the world I’ve never visited but I keep seeing such amazing photographs such as the ones you’ve posted!

  3. Zita says:

    I was there recently as well! It’s amazing!! We were wondering how much that hotel cost to stay at.. Wowzers!

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