Moorea- Day 1 and 2


Hi everyone- I didn’t post anything yesterday because we had a gigantic storm roll in and there wasn’t a lot going on to take pictures.

Yesterday before the storm we went catamaran riding and snorkeling.  I’m not a big snorkeling fan so it was only okay.  But still much better than going to work so I’ll take it any day 🙂

Moorea12 012

Moorea before the storm

Moorea12 011

The storm is rolling in.

What do you do when its raining in paradise?  Drink!  And make flower necklaces with Tahitian ladies.

Moorea12 013

One of the best things about the ship we are on is that all the booze is free!  All of it- even top shelf.  Mom and I decided on the first day we were going to drink our way through the drink menu.  While we abandon that idea after a few bad ones we are slowly adding a few random new drinks everyday.  Tip:  Americanos are terrible and Rusty Nails are my new favorite! Fancy.

Moorea12 001

(the strong-looking one on the right is a Rusty Nail)

Moorea12 006

Grasshopper and Singapore Sling were also pretty tasty.

Moorea12 003

The pool decorations made me giggle (acting mature because of the before mentioned drinks).

Day 2:  Today I went scuba diving with gray sharks, lemon sharks, and black tipped sharks.  We also saw a sea turtle and sea horses.  Sweet!  I should invest in an underwater camera so everyone can be freaked out about the giant 10 foot Lemon sharks just like me.  I stayed as far away as I could but they like to come see what you are all about and swim by often.

Then I went shopping in town.

While wondering about I decided that this should be my beach house on Moorea.

Moorea12 015

And this is my fixer-upper boat.

Moorea12 017

because i would have to work on something or I would just be a bum, scuba dive, drink Hinano beers, and sunbathe all day.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Hi Andrea! Great pictures! I love reading about your world travels, while I am stuck in Iowa! More snow here today, but it’s melting fast making a muddy mess. I could use one of those fancy drinks right about now. On a side note, I saw your mom wandering through the Wild Rose Casino recently. I tried to get her attention but it looked like she was on her way out the door! Enjoy your trip & your drinks! P.S. The pig scares me!

  1. June 25, 2015

    […] we were supposed to stop at the first island on our cruise itinerary- Moorea.  I’ve been here once before and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans […]

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