More from Antigua, Guatemala

Fun fact: Antigua the island in the Caribbean is pronounced An-tea-ga.  Antigua, Guatemala is pronounced An-teag-wa.

Cathedral of San Jose:


Antigua, Guatemala is full of churches.  One of the main churches Cathedral of San Jose is actually a rebuild after the original was destroyed many times by earthquakes, the last in 1773.


The former Cathedral:

Antigua Guatemala EarthquakeChurch

On top of the hill outside Antigua is Cerro de la Cruz, overlooking the city.  Reminding the citizens who is boss I guess.

Antigua Guatemala CrossonHill

The group did some shopping and frolicking in the town square.  Unfortunately I was the person picked to be garbed in authentic Guatemalan attire.

Antigua Guatemala Fashionshow

Sexy, right? I’m generalizing here but most of the textile workers and sellers were approximately 4’8’’ tall.  The grown woman who dressed me came up slightly past my waist.  I was a giant compared to her at 5’7’’.

Antigua Guatemala MainSquare2

Town square was the happening place to be.  Antigua also has free WIFI in their square.  Hello USA, did you hear that?  Free WIFI in public places!

The fountain made me giggle:

Antigua Guatemala Fountain

Photos from wandering around town:

Antigua Guatemala MainSquare

Antigua Guatemala MainStandVolcano

Hello! Here I am!

Antigua Guatemala Me

After a full afternoon of sightseeing, it was time for a traditional Guatemalan dinner.  While it seems pretty plain, it was delicious.

Pictured here is steak, fried plantains, cheese, guacamole, refried black beans, and rice.  Muy bueno!!!

Antigua Guatemala Dinner

I tried two different Guatemalan beers over the past few days, Gallo and Monte Carlo.  I much preferred Monte Carlo or really anything over Gallo.  Gallo is the most popular beer here by far but it wasn’t my thing.

Antigua Guatemala Beer

That’s all from Antigua!  I owe you a wrap-up post from the whole Central America trip next!



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8 Responses

  1. Megan says:

    Look at that silly Andrea!!!! From Caden

  2. Kacy says:

    Sounds like a great trip!

  3. Great photos. The traditional outfit is very colourful. Your comment about feeling like a giant reminded me of my travels in Taiwan. I tried to buy shoes there on a few occasions, but just could not find sizes large enough.

  4. I love posts of Latin America – every time I’m so amazing by the beauty of the cities! That food: YUM. The wifi is SO clutch, and hilarious that the people are so short! I feel pretty tall in France at 5’9″, but I’ll visit Germany or Holland and look totally normal! It’s crazy how an entire population can have a certain height to it!

  5. Wow if they think you’re tall for 5′ 7″ i’d be a super giant if i was there. But i think it’s awesome when you can explore a town like that. It truly looks beautiful!

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