Caye Caulker


My food was the most interesting part of today.  The weather prohibited any water and tanning activities so I went running, read books in a hammock, and ate lots of good food.

View from hammock book reading:


Belizean cuisine is pretty uneventful using lots of rice, beans, and fish.  One of the highlights is ceviche using the fresh sea creatures caught in the waters right offshore.  For my lunch today I opted for the mixed ceviche from Rose’s Bar and Grill.  It had Caribbean lobster, conch, and some kind of fish.  And they served it in a conch shell.  It was awesome! So fresh and delicious!


There were random piles of conch shells in the water off the shore. Obviously they are plentiful and a creative use to use as a dish.


There is a random hostel called Dirty McNasty’s.  I was walking by, did a double take, and then went back to take a photo.  Who names a business Dirty McNasty’s???  Will anyone actually stay there?


I went running in the afternoon so I could have a big dinner.  Yes, this is part of my thought process.


I liked taking photos of the old, maybe abandoned piers on the water.  The water was a pretty color turquoise although it looks kind of green due to the dark grey skies today.

Running the opposite was as the beach in Caye Caulker takes you past the tiny airport and into some nature preserves.  It was slightly creepy as I was the only one out there.  I was afraid a snake or something would pop out at me.  Luckily, nothing did.


Dinner was from the tiny Italian place and my favorite meal in Caye Caulker- Pasta Per Caso on the main road that has only 3 bar tables.  You sit next to random people you don’t know and make friends!  They only have 2 things on the menu every night depending on what Mama feels like cooking.  Since it was so cold (for Belize) she made pasta fagoli (a tomato and pasta soup) and some homemade spaghetti with eggplant and cheese. I ordered the eggplant dish and this was far more delicious than anything I’ve had in Baltimore’s Little Italy.  The pasta was very fresh and it was still light despite having loads of cheesy flavor.  If you are ever in Caye Caulker Pasta per Caso is the place to eat!!!

Caye Caulker Pasta per Caso

They start serving dinner at 6pm and that is when you should go.  By 6:20pm all 12 of the barstools had hungry patrons occupying them.

Caye Caulker was kind of a bust due to the rain, winds (!), and consistent clouds.  This means I have to come back and visit again!! Smile

Off to San Ignacio, Belize for some Mayan ruins and iguanas.

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  1. Lean Lena says:

    Oh “I want to go to there!” (c) Tina Fey
    That pasta looks absolutely AMAZING! Drooling 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with Tasty Tuesday!

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