More NYC Christmas Lights and Brooklyn Bridge

Warm December nights are a treat in New York City. BC and I wandered around amid the throngs of people doing our best to maintain sanity and our Christmas cheer. All the stores and surrounding sidewalks were packed to the gills to see the lights and sounds of Christmas in New York. NYC Christmas Lights and window displays are truly a treat!

NYC Christmas Lights

NYC Christmas Lights Macy's

Rockefeller Center was a zoo!!! It is so close to Radio City Music Hall where the Rockettes are performing multiple shows a day and then of course, everyone wants to see the famous tree.

IMG_4716 (2)

Barriers were set up and it took us about 30 minutes to walk a block and take a few selfies.

Bryant Parkhas a big tree and ice skating as well. It was pretty packed but it the better option for ice skating.

NYC Christmas Lights Bryant Park

The next morning was a New York City bagel morning. We tried another new place for their everything bagel with veggie cream cheese- Best Bagel and Coffee.

Best Bagel and Coffee Everything with veggie cream cheese

The bagel was amazing (one of the best), the cream cheese was not our favorite. Ess-A-Bagel is still my favorite.

IMG_4740 (2)

Our morning was delayed slightly by fog. The weather was so warm that the fog never burned off all day. Eventually we just went to the south part of Manhattan near City Hall to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG_7455 (2)

It was not the best day to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge but I had never done it before- it has been on my to-do list for a while.

IMG_7462 (2)


IMG_7467 (2)

And finally our pretty mugs on the bridge with a very foggy Manhattan in the background.

IMG_7471 (2)

I think this one is staying on the to-do list since conditions were not great.

IMG_7474 (2)

The New York food post is coming up next!  Enjoy your holiday where ever you may be!

Reader Question: Have you ever kept something on your list even though you’ve done it because the conditions weren’t right?

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