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Warning: This post will make you very hungry.

The food in Peru is good, very good.  On my last night in Lima I went out to dinner with some people I know from work.  They took me to Cala, a fancier restaurant with great ocean views.


Our table was on the balcony right on top of the ocean.  There were a few pelicans on the water below us.

For dinner I wanted to eat Peruvian specialties and my friends easily picked out some delicious things for me to try.


Passion Fruit Sour (like a margarita but better)

For appetizers:


These 3 things are mashed potato cakes with seafood, meat, sauces, and greenery.  It was sooooooo good.  We also had ceviche but I forgot to take a picture.  Blogger fail.

Main course:


Lomo Saltado- stir-fried beef with a thick yummy sauce, quail eggs, onions, and potatoes.  I could drink that sauce.

It was the best dinner altogether I had in Peru.  If you are in Lima looking for a fancy place, head to Cala.  If a little less fancy is your jam, head to Panchita.


Pisco Sours are divine.


This is on the appetizer menu- some kind of corn casserole with beef and spices.  To die for:


I got the salad bar and some bread too so I had half the casserole the next day for lunch.  It may have been even better then.


The moral of the story is that food in Peru is good, very good.  It is very fresh, light for the most part, and varied so you won’t get bored (like I did in Thailand).

The Peru vacation wrap-up post is coming up next.  Stay tuned!

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    This stuff looks amazing. We’re you able to watch the game? When do you get home?

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