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There are so many temples in Siem Reap!  I will admit after 3 days of temple-viewing I thought I had already seen temples that I hadn’t yet seen.  They were blurring together.

Here are a few of the favorites:

Banteay Srei:

Banteay Srei means “Citadel of the Woman” and is believed to have been carved by women since it is so intricate.  Way to go ladies of the late 10th century!!!

SiemReap2BanteaySrei2 SiemReap2banteaySrei5

I found someone who could take a good picture finally!


Creepy monkey statues.

Preah Khan

SiemReap2PreahKhan3 SiemReap2PreahKhanSiemReap2PreahKhan2

All the temples are starting to look the same to me.  How about you, yes/no?

Here’s a picture of me at Ta Som.  The tree is cool!

SiemReap2 036

Eastern Mebon

These temples are from the 10th century like Banteay Srei, a few hundred years earlier than Angkor Wat. They are Hindu temples.

SiemReap2 040

SiemReap2 043

Another flip flop shot.  oy

SiemReap2 044

Elephant statue!  There are definitely more elephants in the earlier temples than the Angkor Wat era temples, even thought elephants helped build Angkor Wat too.

Preah Ko:


Random Cambodian scenery outside a temple:


I’ll hold off on bombarding you with the rest of my temple pictures.  Let’s look at some food!

I was so sick of rice and noodles that I found a little Italian joint run by real Italians!  Why they would move from Italy to Cambodia leads me to believe that they are running from the law 🙂  But they do have stellar gnocchi- my fav!

SiemReap3 001

Gnocchi quattro formaggi for the win!

That is all from Cambodia for this trip.  There are so many temples in Siem Reap to see, I’m sure I missed a few good ones.

I’m off to Bangkok, Thailand today to meet up with my group for the 3rd and final leg of my tour.

SiemReap3 029

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  1. Megan says:

    Moffia gnocchi! So What came first in Ta Som, the tree or the temple?

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