Munduk and Bedugul, Bali


Yesterday was moved along into the mountains and cooler weather again.  Munduk and Bedugul are the villages closest to the 3 crater lakes in central Bali.  It was too foggy to get pictures of the lakes but they made for some impressive scenery.

First up today, we hiked through the rainforest to a waterfall:

Munduk and Bedugal waterfall

Unfortunately my sneakers were soaked for the rest of the hike.  The hike itself was pretty miserable with slippery mud and rock, high humidity, intermittent rain, and mosquitoes.  So pretty much it was like a rainforest 🙂

The Ulun Danu Temple complex at Lake Bratan is one of the most photographed place in Bali according to my guide and my guidebook.  We went right at closing time as to avoid the crowds.  It worked.  Unfortunately the sun was going down and the storm clouds were rolling in, making for some dark pictures.

Munduk and Bedugal Ulun Danu Temple Munduk Bedugal Ulun Danu Temple Munduk and Bedugal Ulun Danu Temple 3

The lake surrounding the temple is where live animal sacrifices occur.  The believe the God of the Lake will provide ample rain/irrigation water for farming and do the sacrifices to show respect.


There is a Buddhist temple on site as well.


The temple complex itself was a bit like an amusement park with playground equipment, paddle boats, and animal statues.

Interesting note:  Women who are menstruating are not allowed to visit temples.  Hindu thinking believes that women are unclean during this time and right after giving birth and do not allow it.  I’m not implying that it is wrong or right, just their belief.  Interesting, right?


Lodging for the night…our hotel called Strawberry Hill and is in strawberry picking country.  Tomorrow we are going to check out the markets and I bet I will be purchasing some strawberries.

Dinner time! We shared skewers on their own fire pit.


And I had some lemongrass chicken soup.  We should add lemongrass to our chicken noodle soup too.  It was tasty (while not so photogenic).


After the markets in the morning we are heading back to Ubud where the tour is ending.  I’m excited for the bustle and shopping of Ubud while not so excited for the hot weather.  Maybe things have cooled a bit since we left.  Fingers crossed!!!

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