My AirBnB Experience in Kauai

AirBnB is a great tool for finding less expensive accommodation in an expensive destination. Kauai is one of those places where hotel prices will eat up an entire vacation budget- especially if you want to stay by the ocean!

AirBnB Kauai Koloa

Location is key for finding a good place to stay when traveling solo. The need be by fun activities is greater since you are in charge of entertaining yourself.

AirBnB Kauai Poipu beach park

I found Debra’s Brennecke’s Beach Bungalow on AirBnB for the dates I wanted to travel. Her perfect rating with 28 reviews is always a good sign. I see why she received the excellent reviews she did. The room was inside her house in its own little wing attached to the kitchen. While I still had to use their front door, it was my own little suite for the week. The porch facing the ocean was perfect for watching the sunset and listening to the ocean waves less than a block away.

My sunset view:

AirBnB Kauai sunset from the porch

Koloa is a great little area with Poipu Beach- the snorkeling capital of Kauai. The great beach park had barbeques, picnic pavilions, fishing, body surfing waves, and the well-known snorkeling section. The beach also had the perfect view for sunset.

It was a popular place and fun to have it be so close to “home”:

AirBnB Kauai Poipu beach before sunset

But you can see why!

AirBnB Kauai Poipu beach at sunset

Every morning I would walk the 3 minutes to Poipu Beach to do some beach reading on the beach chairs, towels, and cooler filled with Hawaiian juices, coconut water, and fruit provided by Debra of Brennecke’s Beach Bungalow. She stocked my suite’s little kitchen nook and mini fridge with yogurts, juices, locally made granola, baby bananas, mango (wow this was good!), pineapple, coffee, and tea. I had everything I needed to have a nice little porch or beach picnic.

Some guava juice from the refrigerator stash cooling me down on Poipu Beach:

AirBnB Kauai juice on Poipu beach

She also provided snorkel gear, beach bikes, beach towels, beach chairs, skin suits, body boards, and lots of paperback books for beach-going fun.

The little, protected inlet at Poipu Beach allows fish in but keeps out the currents and big waves.

AirBnB Kauai Poipu beach snorkeling area

The room itself had a great wifi connection, a fan (no air conditioning but I didn’t really need it with the ocean breezes), king sized bed, and large bathroom with a big tub/shower combination. I was able to park in the driveway and twice they hosed off my extremely muddy hiking boots I left outside!

This much mud was only half the story, I still had to do the other half of the hike back to my car:

Kalalau Trail muddy trail waterfall

Debra was always willing to give recommendations for dinner, sights, and more. I pretty much had my plan thanks to Yelp, Lonely Planet, and other travel bloggers though.

She helped me find this sushi gem, Makai Sushi’s Godzilla bowl,, inside a grocery store!

AirBnB Kauai dinner on the porch

I so wish I had had more time to spend in Kauai and will return someday. I would highly recommend you check out Brennecke’s Beach Bungalow if you travel to Kauai by yourself or with one other person. The room, location, and hosts are wonderful and despite its prime location, it will not break your vacation budget- allowing you to eat as many Mai Thais, ahi tuna tacos, burritos, and bowls as humanly possible!

IMG_5462IMG_5464 (2)

Also, Debra has another suite in her house that she rents out. Either one will be perfect for a budget-friendly stay in paradise (aka: Kauai!).

My experience doing AirBnB Kauai was the way to go! See what is available for you on your next Kauai trip or where ever you may be traveling.

Reader question: Have you ever done AirBnB? Where? 

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Thanks for the review, that’s helpful! I’ve never used Air BnB but we’re thinking about it for our Costa Rica trip.

  2. Great review! I’ve actually never done AirBNB… I’ve been a little cautious about it. But I’ve heard so many great things, including this… my mind is changing!

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