My favorites- Iceland/Finland/Russia/Belarus/Poland/Germany/France

My great Europe and Iceland trip including France, Germany, and Russia has come to a close.  What a great trip filled with different cultures, sights, and food.

Here are the best of the best of Europe and Iceland:

Favorite place:

  • Glacier Lake- Jokulsarlon, Iceland

IcelandDay3 012

One of my favorite landscapes I’ve seen ever.  It is worth going to Iceland just to see this.  Skip the geysers and head straight here.

Favorite urban sight

  • Church of the Saviour and Spilled Blood- St. Petersburg

StPetersburg 028

One of the best churches I have ever seen.  The architecture style and colors are a lot different than a lot of the churches seen in Western Europe.

Best Fashion Sense:

  • This lady in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw 044


Best food:

  • Pierogies

Unfortunately no picture of my Pierogies in Warsaw but they were oh-so good.  Runner Up:

  • Escargot in France

france 044

Favorite City

  • Moscow

I thought that St. Petersburg would take this prize but Moscow wins.  The Kremlin, Red Square, and St. Basil’s help it move up the list but overall the feel of Moscow was more my style.

Moscow 015

Moscow 104 Moscow 062 Moscow 065 Moscow 067

Favorite Niece:

  • Baby Alayna

Lake Constance 002

She’s cute and she likes me!

Favorite Nephew:

  • Caden

france 006

Caden in a fashionable KGB fur hat

Biggest good surprise:

  • Alsace, France

france 029

It was so pretty, fun walking around the cute towns, and the food was so good!!!

I visited 7 countries, 4 of which I had never been to before.  Parts of it were interesting in a not-so-good way (getting pulled over in Russia, threatened with arrest at the Kremlin, Belarussian rest stops) but the good stuff made up for it by far. And now I have some interesting stories to tell.  If you get the chance to visit Iceland- do it.  It is expensive but you only need a few days really to see the good sights.  Russia is much cheaper (except for the entry visa) and has some really great history to see.  Poland is a big destination these days but more so Krakow than Warsaw (haven’t made it to Krakow yet).

Overall it was an excellent trip, an adventure really.  I know so much more Russian history than before I left and got to experience new cultures.

My next trip will be on a much smaller scale- maybe Savannah and Charleston.  Come back to the blog in a few weeks and see!

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  1. courtney says:

    Finally baby pics! She makes Riley look like a bit of a runt though. Cute pics of both kids! Jealous of your trip! Where can we go? 🙂

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