My Last Day in Kauai

My last day in Kauai was a good one even though I was sad to be leaving my little spot of paradise on Poipu Beach. My trip was amazing, my AirBnB was perfect (more on that in a different post), the food was fresh and delicious, my beach reading time relaxing, and the hiking adventurous. It was a good week on Kauai!


My last day on Kauai started with another run around Koloa. Again, it was a hot and humid but nice to be able to run outside. Today was a little bit more hot and humid than every other day on Kauai because there is a storm that is supposed to roll in tomorrow.  The humidity rolled through the night before so a sweaty run was a given.


It was a good one and I stopped many times to take photos of pretty flowers (and catch my breath).


I actually ate a real breakfast today during breakfast hours. My breakfast choice was Anuenue Café– a cute, outdoor café with delicious looking eggs benedict. This is The Riptide, eggs benedict with Kalua pulled pork. It was pretty good but not fantastic unfortunately. I think I went in with too high of expectations since Kalua pulled pork and eggs benedict are two of my favorite things. 3 out of 5 stars on this one.


The ambiance was great though. So was this nearby tree which intrigued me enough to take a photo and ponder how that all happened.


I had to check out of my AirBnB after breakfast around noon and my flight isn’t until 11:10pm. I took the opportunity to visit things around the island that were smaller and didn’t really warrant my attention until I was really looking for things to do.

The Spouting Horn blowhole was near the beach and was recommended. It is cool to watch for about 10 minutes and try to get a good photo of the spout.

Day in Kauai sprouting horn blowhole

There was a crowd here and tour bus parking (although I never saw a tour bus the whole time I was on Kauai) so it isn’t an intimate spot like so many places on Kauai have been but it is still worth the visit.

I had to go back to Makai Sushi for a repeat of my favorite meal of the trip. My afternoon meal was on a rock outside the blowhole with my Godzilla bowl (salmon, tuna, octopus, seaweed, rice, green onion, Maui onion, roe, avocado, and cucumber).

Makai Sushi godzilla bowl

It was huge and I ate the whole thing!  Godzilla will keep you full for hours.

IMG_8064 (2)

Plantation Gardens was next on the list an only a mile from the blowhole. Unlike nearby Allerton Gardens which has a $30 entrance fee, Plantation Gardens are free. They probably aren’t as nice but free is good, especially if you are not a botany enthusiast and just want to see some pretty flowers.

Day in Kauai Plantation GardensLast Day in Kauai Plantation Gardens

Next up, finishing my paperback book while perfecting my Hawaiian tan/burn before my flight back to the mainland, United States. Lydgate Beach Park is on the East Shore, has a sectioned off swimming area, and a giant playground for kids.

family friendly Lydgate Beach

It was an excellent place to catch some rays.

Lydgate Beach Park

The Wailua River is the place to go kayaking. I didn’t have time and most outfitters don’t have single rider kayaks so it was cool. We can keep kayaking on the Wailua River on the list for next time I’m in Kauai.

last Day in Kauai scenery

There are overlooks and waterfalls on Highway 56 that have some pretty views. It was a little foggy while I was up there but definitely make a stop to check it out.

Also good to note that many of the main overlooks have very clean, well-maintained restrooms. Any traveler knows what a find it is to have clean restrooms on a roadtrip!

Day in Kauai waterfalls

The rest of my day in Kauai included a sunset, returning my rental car, and eventually flying out of Lihue International Airport to Phoenix, on my way to Baltimore. Booking a trip to Kauai was one very smart decision! I would recommend anyone coming to Hawaii, especially the adventurous type, spend at least 5 days here (7 or 8 if you have the time).

Reader Question: Have you ever been to Kauai? What is your favorite Hawaiian Island? If you’ve never been to Hawaii, what is your favorite island anywhere in the world?

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  1. What a lovely time. Kauai is my 2nd favorite Hawaiian island and it’s a close second to Maui. What a beautiful place.

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