National Harbor


One of my big local to-do list items was to  visit the National Harbor.  The National Harbor is on the Maryland side of Washington, DC in Prince Georges County.  I’ve seen a lot of my DC friends Facebook posts about having brunch and doing watersports here. Finally I made it.

National Harbor Ferris Wheel 2

We took the water taxi from Alexandria, VA to the National Harbor.  It was a 30 minute ride and was $14 round trip per person from Potomac Riverboat Company.

National Harbor Peeps Store

Our first stop was at the Peeps store.  I have never seen a store dedicated to just Peeps before.  As a non-chocolate fan I had to find Easter candy to eat and Peeps was my sugar of choice.

National Harbor Peeps Store display

Peeps just came out with a bunch of new flavors- sour and chocolate varieties.  Somehow I managed to escape the store without buying anything.

There was also an impressive display of MIke and Ike dispensers with flavors I had never seen before.

National Harbor Peeps Store Mike and Ikes

We ate lunch at Nando’s PERi PERi, a nicer local chain restaurant with Portuguese roasted chicken.  Sounds strange but was delicious! They have 8 sauces ranging from no heat with flavors, to mild, to extra spicy. I mixed a bunch together for fun.  Nando’s has counter ordering so it is pretty budget friendly- our meals were $10 each.

National Harbor Nando's PERi PERi

After lunch, BC forked over $15 per person to ride the new Ferris Wheel in the National Harbor called the Capital Wheel.  It was okay, something to do once for some fun views of the National Harbor, Alexandria, and the Washington Monument in DC.  We will never do it again but once in a while the most touristy thing is fun to do.

National Harbor Ferris Wheel

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