National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC


The National Museum of the American Indian is the newest addition to the Smithsonian Museum group, opened in 2004.  This was my first visit but it will definitely not be my last.  The architecture and external features are a lot more interesting than the other Smithsonian buildings.



Inside are exhibits about the language, culture, and more of the American Indians stretching from the Arctic down through the tip of South America.


It is recommended that you watch a 13 minute interactive video upon arrival in the theatre.  Do this!  It was actually well done with great scenery and a dome movie screen on the ceiling.


There are a lot of exhibits with artifacts and lots of interesting history.  My favorite exhibit was the handmade dolls.  They were so bright and colorful.  WashingtonDCAmericanIndianMuseumdolls


Museum-hopping ensure a hearty appetite with all the walking around.  If you eat at one place near the mall, the National Museum of American Indians should be the place you stop for some chow.  The cafeteria is sectioned off into areas of the Americas and the traditional cuisine of the Indian tribes from those areas.  There is a great selection of fry breads (savory or sweet), salmon, grain salads, fried alligator, and more as well as normal things for the unadventurous.


Fry bread is delicious!!!

Fried alligator in poor lighting.  I had to quickly take the photos are risk something thinking I’m a weirdo Smile


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4 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Yeah, the food is amazing there! Definitely worth checking out… hardest part is deciding what you’re going to eat; so many choices!

  2. Courtney says:

    Our favorite place to eat on the mall. 🙂 Though I only eat the fry bread. Julia is much more adventurous and loved the turtle soup.

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