Night out in Tokyo with Ramen

For my last night in Tokyo I met up with a tour group friend who was still in town and we went for ramen and beers.  Of course it rained a bit but we are now seasoned pros at handling rain and umbrellas in Japan.

Night out in Tokyo

In the Ginza district is this famous ramen place:

Ippudo Ramen Tokyo

There is no sign in English but I found Ippudo on Yelp and free WIFI and Google Maps led the way. The condiment bar here was particularly impressive including whole garlic cloves and a garlic press.

Ippudo Ramen Tokyo condiments

I started with the appetizer of cucumber bits of amazingness. It seemed like I was eating slightly pickled cucumber with oil and a lot of spices.  It was awesome!

Cucumber appetizer Ippudo Tokyo

A brass cup full of beer and free green tea given out like tap water:

Beer and green tea at Ippudo Tokyo

The star of this show was the ramen. As mentioned in a previous post, my first ramen experience was only a week ago but now I am spoiled for life.

Best Ramen Ever- Ippudo Tokyo

This bowl of ramen was delicious and I’ll probably never have another one as good in my life. I added some of the kimchee and a clove of garlic to my bowl. The broth was so good!  Two thumbs up for ramen and cucumber on a rainy night.

The ramen chef in full view:

open kitchen at Ippudo Tokyo

To walk off the ramen a bit we walked around a different part of town to see all the lights, sights, and sounds of Tokyo on a Friday night.

Night in Tokyo

It reminds me of New York City in some ways with the congestion and lights.

Tokyo at night

Somehow we managed to find an outdoor spot at a cute little restaurant/bar and had an Asahi beer while we people-watched Tokyoans making the most of their night.

beers in Tokyo

Around midnight, my hotel room was calling my name. The Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel in Ginza has huge rooms and was on sale for the nights I needed a bed- perfect!

Millenium Garden Hotel tokyo

But best of all was the automatic toilet. I cannot get enough of Japanese toilets.  They are my favorite thing that I believe other countries should adopt.

A few drinks also make them extra impressive to anyone! Smile

That’s all from Japan!!! Really long flights and massive jet lag is on the agenda for the next few days.

Do you get jet lag? How do you help yourself adjust to huge time differences?  Do you think Japanese toilets are super-cool?


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9 Responses

  1. Chaitali says:

    Sounds like a busy trip with lots of awesomeness! I hope you have time to rest and recover when you’re back home 🙂

  2. Christy says:

    Hi there Andrea!

    I’m here! 🙂
    Oooh, Tokyo is one of my favorite places too, and it’s been a long time since I was there.
    I’m with you on their restrooms, they are just amazing! 🙂

    Japanese food is my favorite, I have them all the time, even in my own country 😀

    Looking forward to read more of your posts!

  3. I’m a big routine person, so jet lag always gets the best of me. I wish I had better tips.. the only one I have it to try to schedule enough time at the back end of a vacation to have a day off before going back to work.
    This trip was amazing! I want to go for the ramen!

  4. Ramen is one of the newest noodle dishes that I’ve just discovered, and I don’t know how I’ve been living my whole life without it! The broth is always so amazing!
    It would be so awesome to find a true Ramen place while visiting Asia, because that condiment bar looks awesome, not to mention those cucumber bites! And who doesn’t love an automatic toilet!

  5. Diana Elle says:

    I’ve never tried Ramen, and Tokyo is on my bucket list, can’t wait til we get tp gp!

  6. I LOVE ramen but I’ve only ever had it in London, so I can imagine that it is even better in Japan! YUM!

  7. Ooooh and now I’m craving ramen – delicious! Love those pictures of the lights at night 🙂

  8. Ramen is my absolute favorite, especially on cold, rainy nights. I am SO jealous you got to experience real, authentic ramen in Tokyo.

  9. Lauren says:

    Love love love ramen! Can’t even imagine eating it in Tokyo! I just went to a really authentic Japanese restaurant in Portland, Oregon and they had one of these toilets! After a few rounds of Sake, I was extremely impressed. Actually, I think I would have been impressed either way! I definitely agree- other countries should hop on this toilet train.

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