North Rim of the Grand Canyon

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon was not originally part of the Great Roadtrip plan. We went to the South Rim a few years ago and really didn’t have to much desire to see the North Rim. But is was only a few (hundred) miles out of the way on our journey to Antelope Canyon in Arizona.

IMG_8923 (2)

All in all it turned out to be a good story at least. We spent the night right outside of Jacob’s Lake, Arizona at the Kaibab Camper Village campground. This “town” had two campgrounds because it was in the Kaibab National Forest, 1 hotel, restaurant, gas station, and general store. That was it and everything closed at 5pm! No houses, streets, or anything. And of course this is the place where if we needed medical attention the whole trip, this was it.


It all started out when BC ate a Twizzler. He’s eaten Twizzlers many times before but this time he had an allergic reaction of sorts to it or something around the same time as the eating of the Twizzlers. His lip began to swell up. I told him to grab a beer out of the fridge and ice it but he said no. In the meantime, we found our campsite and set up shop. I built a fire (it was cold!) and BC went on a walk to get in his steps to beat his friends in a Fitbit competition.

Relaxing with The Hobbit, some wine, and a fire:

IMG_7680 (2)

Upon his return it was hard to miss that now both of his lips were swollen. He was unconcerned and would not put a cold beer can on his face to help with the swelling (too practical or maybe just too cold for that). Of course the one store in town was closed so no Benadryl for him.

It was a long day because of the hiking into Bryce Canyon so we both hit the hay pretty early. Oh my gosh, I woke up to a creature formerly known as my boyfriend. His lips were monstrous- like half the size of his face (and he is a big guy). I immediately made the decision that we would be driving to the lonely general store in pajamas where I went in to purchase a some Benadryl- no single servings for this problem.

OMG people!


Honestly, every time I looked at him from then until the swelling went completely down, I giggled. He looked like fish lips x 10. He even thought it was pretty funny. His mom and sister did not and they freaked out. The Benadryl definitely helped (thank goodness!) and eventually he was able to be comfortable enough to get out of the car and do a little hiking at the North Rim.

IMG_8922 (2)

I like the Grand Canyon but it is giant hole in the ground, albeit a magnificent hole in the ground. We hiked out on the Bright Angel Point Trail which had some pretty awesome views. It does look different than the South Rim.

South Rim from 2013 trip:

Arizona 048

We attempted the Transept Trail but it wasn’t the greatest since it had no views after the first thousand meters. And BC was pretty sleepy from the Benadryl. We hopped off the trail as soon as possible (up the most gigantic hill- whew!), jumped in our Jucy campervan, and sped off onto our next destination- Page, Arizona and Antelope Canyon.


Reader Question: How would you have handled the lip problem? Slept on it, drove a couple hundred miles to the nearest hospital, or a hundred miles to the nearest drugstore?  Or are you smart enough to travel with Benadryl?

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  1. OMG – how terrifying that BC had such a crazy allergic reaction to the Twizzlers! I didn’t think there were any ingredients in them that would cause problems??? Yikes!!! Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done. Maybe called “Dial-a-Nurse” to ask for suggestions??? I am glad the Benadryl helped.

    I’ve only ever been to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, too. Antelope Canyon looks so beautiful!

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