Noumea, New Caledonia and Place des Cocotiers

In Noumea, New Caledonia the cruise pier is a few blocks away from the downtown area, a quick and easy walk.

New Caledonia Noumea Sign

Mom and I set off on a short walking tour that began with a quick trip to the money converter.  I’ve never seen one of these but it was next to the ATM machine and it gave me a pretty good exchange rate. We exchanged $20 and hoped it would be enough.

Museum of New Caledonia

The City of Noumea Museum was about to close for the day so we just took photos of the old bank turned Town Hall and kept going.

New Caledonia Mom Fountain

Place des Cocotiers is where New Caledonians and tourists like me come to hang out and people watch. Groups of young kids, older shoppers, and sunburned tourists with camera clustered around the city blocks blocked off with palm trees, fountain, statues, and brick benches.

Admiral Olry watches over Olry Square in Place des Cocotiers or Little Paris.

New Caledonia Noumea Statue

It was very warm in the sun. Mom and I took a break in the shade under the trees.

New Caledonia Noumea Park

China Town nearby the Place des Cocotiers was nothing special. Chinese food did not sound good on such a hot day but it was fun to see that the shops sold baguettes next to the egg rolls in the windows. How very French!

New Caledonia Beer stop

What did sound good was a beer with a view.

New Caledonia Park beer stop

Manta is the local New Caledonian brew that was recommended.  I liked it a lot! Not too bitter, nice and refreshing.

New Caledonia Manta Beer stop

The bill came to $13 for 2 beers plus a tip.

We wandered a bit more but came up empty. The shopping was unappealing (due to lack of options and warm temperatures) and most attractions and museums were closing.  Mom bought some Doritos and the local grocery store for $5 and we gave the remaining money to a lady in the parking lot Smile That’s how we spend $20 in New Caledonia!

I mentioned it before but I would love to cruise back to New Caledonia sometime and see more of the beaches, outer islands, and do some underwater exploring.  New Caledonia was a complete unknown to me and was a good surprise!

Up next we are headed to Brisbane and Gold Coast, Australia.

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