Oceania Marina Specialty Restaurants- Toscana and Red Ginger

It is time we talked about the food I’ve been eating on the ship.  If you are hungry, this is probably not a good post for you to read right now! The Oceania Marina has four specialty restaurants onboard in which all passengers get to eat dinner at least once.  This post is about Toscana, the Italian specialty restaurant and Red Ginger, the Asian Fusion specialty restaurant.

Oceania Marina Toscana Bread Basket

At Toscana we started off with the most impressive bread basket with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  They had an olive oil menu from  which you could choose  your dipping olive oil.  I have no idea about olive oils so I asked the olive oil sommelier for his suggestions.  This was definitely a new experience for me.


Appetizers consisted of beef Carpaccio for me and prosciutto wrapped shrimp for Mom.

Oceania Marina Toscana Beef CarapaccioOceania Marina Toscana Procuitto-wrapped Shrimp

Both were good, not great.  The salad course was uneventful.  Then came the amazing pasta course.  During an Italian meal usually you receive a small pasta course as well as a meat or fish entrée.  Mom ordered the amazing gnocchi of the day, knowing she had to share with me.

Oceania Marina Toscana Gnocchi

This was the star of the meal.  Pillowy puffs of potato and saucy  goodness!

Our entrees were amazing as well.  Mom ordered the grilled lobster served over pasta.

Oceania Marina Toscana Lobster

I think she has had lobster every night of the cruise so far!

Oceania Marina Toscana Lobster 2

I ordered the filet mignon.  I hadn’t eaten any steak since the start of the trip so this hit the spot.  The polenta triangles were not really my thing so I skipped them and focused my calories where it was important Smile

Oceania Marina Toscana Filet Mignon

After so much food, dessert was not an option for me that night.  My food baby was in full effect.  The cannoli that others around us ordered, looked amazing!

Another night, we prepared in advance by not eating much that day and arrived at Red Ginger, the Asian Fusion restaurant on the Oceania Marina.  After we ordered edamame and a tea menu came out.  We ordered a white tea with ginger and pear which was excellent.

Oceania Cruises Red Ginger tea

My sushi appetizer was only okay as were Mom’s spring rolls.  The soup/salad course was amazing though.  I ordered a spicy coconut chicken soup that I loved.

Oceania Cruises Red Ginger Coconut Soup

Mom went with the lobster avocado salad (Mom’s first lobster order of the meal) which did not look like a salad.  It was a superb non-salad!

Oceania Cruises Red Ginger Lobster Avocado Salad

My entrée won as the best thing we ordered.  Mom’s entrée was lobster Pad Thai.  It was good but didn’t compare to my sea bass.  It doesn’t look like much but it was- Sea Bass cooked in a banana leaf with a delicious glaze. By far the best thing I’ve eaten this trip!

Oceania Cruises Red Ginger Sea Bass

Dessert was also won by me.  I ordered the trio of sorbets- mango, pineapple, and coconut.  I’m not a big fan of coconut flavored things but it was amazing.

Oceania Cruises Red Ginger Sorbet Trio

Red Ginger was a big hit, even for those (like my mom) who don’t necessarily love Asian food.  I love Asian food and I was very happy.

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  1. Megan says:

    Curious to hear which olive oil “the expert” recommended… was it a flavored one??

    • Andrea says:

      No flavored. The one we ate was from Tuscany. There were some from Sicily, Sardinia, other parts of Italy. Some more “fruity, mellow, strong”- words like that.

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  2. March 12, 2015

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