October Staycation

Since I am flying to Hong Kong early next week, I’ve been sticking close to home the past few weeks. Making the most of my free days in Baltimore has been a challenge. My day usually ends up with me blogging, running errands, going for a run, and walking the dog. I have been trying to make more of an effort to see the things in Baltimore (and Washington, D.C) that I haven’t seen and experienced.


Peabody Library in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore has been on my to-do list for years. Finally last Thursday I walked the mile to Peabody Library to see the most Instagram-able place in Baltimore.

DSC00486 (2)

It was gorgeous. The library is full of books from centuries past so no one is allowed to check any books out- unless you have special permission from Johns Hopkins and Peabody. People working on PhDs and such can get this special permission. But normal people are allowed to look and touch the really old books.

20181018_101625 (2)

Mt. Vernon is a pretty area. I cannot wait for the original Washington Monument lighting, the unofficial start to the holiday season in Baltimore.

Malbec tasting at Sobo Market was really fun! They have monthly tastings on one Saturday and pick a type of wine to learn about and try. One of the featured vineyards this month was one that I toured last year in Mendoza, Argentina. I felt fancy!

20181020_172523 (2)

After finishing the Whole 30 earlier this month, my first meal with both gluten and soy in a month was this amazing sushi burrito from Shoyou Sushi on Light Street in Federal Hill. They just opened in this much bigger location (comparatively), a block away from their old building. This place has the best sushi in Baltimore by far and always is crowded.

20181010_125951 (2)

Earlier this week I went down to DC for a Travel Massive event with Visit Phoenix. I took the train down early to attempt to visit the Smithsonian’s African American Museum but no luck again. Someday the crowds will die down and I’ll actually make it inside. Instead I ended up wandering around the Natural Science Museum again (I love the narwhal and gemstones!) and the National Gallery of Art sculpture garden.

20181023_153934 (2)

I about died when I came upon this squirrel.

20181023_154230 (3)

District Wharf is a new area to DC and has an awesome promenade with great eating and drinking options. I bought an everything bagel doughnut from District Doughnut and it was amazing. They had so many delicious looking options.

20181023_163104 (2)

The Travel Massive event was about a 20 minute walk from the District Wharf near RFK Stadium- home of the Washington Nationals. I’ve never been to this part of DC either and there is so much new construction going on. Mission-Navy Yard is a Mexican restaurant/bar that had really delicious food and drinks!


This Iowa girl even liked the corn!


Union Station in DC is a hopping place and is fun to wander in before catching the train back to Baltimore. This time I found a new  Magnolia Bakery stand, the New York City, banana pudding bakery. They have such good banana pudding (I know, a weird thing to be famous for) but when I went to order, they were all out and about to close. I was offered the pumpkin-gingersnap banana pudding instead and I went for it.


Oh my goodness it was amazing! Better than the regular banana pudding. Good thing I don’t live near a Magnolia Bakery or I would be getting this everyday!

My little October staycation has been fun but now I’m off to more crowded, exotic places. Stay tuned for my upcoming Asian adventures.

Reader Question: Have you ever been to Magnolia Bakery for their banana pudding? Just do it!

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