Oia, Santorini

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Santorini is one of my favorite destinations.  Oia, Santorini is the home of the white-washed buildings. This plus the fantastic ocean views make for some of the best vacation pictures you will ever take.

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We decided to spend most of our time on Santorini in the village of Oia.  Fira is the capital and port of Santorini but Oia is the place to see.  Last time we were here we took a taxi from Fira to Oia.  This time we opted to take a boat ride.  If you even get a little bit seasick sometimes- DO NOT TAKE THE BOAT! Two little kids on the boat with us got very seasick and wow did it make the rest of us ill having to smell/see it.  The rest of the boat journey I spent out on the deck in the fresh air.

Oia, Santorini from the boat dock down below:

Greek CruiseSantorinifrombelow

There is a bus that drives up the gigantic hill from the dock to town.  Walking is an option but only for the physically fit.

Greek CruiseSantorini1

Oia has a few overlooks for nice white-washed town views.  Mom and I took turns picking out our future summer homes.

Greek CruiseSantorinimom

My little pad:

Greek CruiseSantorinimyhouse

This dog picked a very nice spot for himself:

Greek CruiseSantorinidog

Santorini is a volcanic island and was possibly the location of the lost city of Atlantis.  An eruption 3600 years ago caused a caldera to form and land to sink into the ocean.  The volcano is still active and last erupted in 1950.  Because it is a volcanic island, some of the beaches were are black sand!

We meandered through the little streets (most of Oia is pedestrian only) and got hungry.  When in Greece, eat gyros. French fries in a sandwich is money.

Greek CruiseSantorinigyro

In my cheapness, I hardly ever let Mom go to sit-down restaurants for meals in touristy places.  Street food is so much better anyway.

After splitting a gyro, we did some shopping and more sightseeing.

Greek CruiseSantoriniOia2

The Greek Island of Mykonos is known for their windmills but Santorini has a few as well.

Greek CruiseSantoriniwindmills

Mom decided to hide behind a tree.  Can you spot her?

Greek CruiseSantoriniMombehindtree

The other thing you need to eat in Greece is baklava.  We spotted some delicious looking desserts in a bakery window and went for it.  Baklava (when done right) is super sweet with honey.  If you feel like you may go into a sugar coma after eating some, you probably had a good piece.

Greek CruiseBakalava2

After baklava it was time to head back to Fira.  In Fira, to get back down the giant hill, most people take the funicular.  However, there were 3 cruise ships in port that day and the wait was an hour.  Mom opted to wait in line and I decided to walk down the 600+ stairs.  Hey I just climbed up and down Kilimanjaro- I can handle it, right?  Well, for the first 200 stairs there were donkeys peeing, pooping, and hanging out.

Greek CruiseSantorinidonkeys

There are some people who ride the donkeys up and down.  There were so many donkeys at the top that it was hard to get around them.  And I may have gotten some donkey pee spray on my shoes (yuck!). I scrubbed my shoes thoroughly when I was back on our boat.

Greek Cruise 177

Santorini is my favorite of the Greek Islands that I have visited (I’ve been to 7) and one of the prettiest destinations I have visited.  If you are planning your own Greek Island adventure, you should include at least a few days on Santorini.

Greek CruiseSantoriniOiafrombelow

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