Old Town Albuquerque

I’ve finally made it to New Mexico- my 44th state! Albuquerque was our first overnight stop in New Mexico. We bedded down for the night at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town.

Old Town Albuquerque Hotel Albuquerque

We spent a few hours wandering around the Old Town section of the city, taking in the square and San Felipe de Neri Parish church which has been active for 300 years.

Old Town Albuquerque San Felipe de Neri Church

It was Sunday when we were here so there was absolutely nothing open past 5pm. Over 75% of the restaurants were even closed. Luckily Yelp helped me out and we found Backstreet Grill. We had minutes to the end of happy hour so I quickly ordered the Nut Brown Ale for $2.50.

Old Town Albuquerque Backstreet Grill

Mom ordered a taco salad for dinner which was awesome! (I stole a bit at the end). I went with the shrimp tacos which were fabulous but not that filling. Good thing Mom’s taco salad was huge and I could steal some shell and some tomatillo salsa.

Old Town Albuquerque Backstreet grill shrimp tacos

Muy delicioso!

Since it was a really long day after visiting Petrified Forest National Park and driving the rest of the way to Albuquerque (plus nothing here was open), we went back to the hotel and crashed. I slept like a rock. The next morning we found a cute coffee shop in Old Town called Velvet Coffeehouse

Old Town Albuquerque mini-plazas

Velvet Coffeehouse is the the back corner of this cute little mini-square. Old Town Albuquerque is full of these little alcoves with hidden shops, cafes, and art galleries- all pueblo style of course.

Old Town Albuquerque cute shops

Besides a few stores, Old Town wasn’t that exciting. The big church was definitely the best part.

Old Town Albuquerque San Felipe de Neri

A great place for a photography tour though Smile

Old Town Albuquerque square

Our lunch venue in Old Town Albuquerque was Church St. Café, a long-time locally owned staple here, recommended by the desk attendant at our hotel. But it was only mediocre both Mom and I ate our food but weren’t big fans. The chips and salsa was super-fresh and good though.

Church street cafe chips and salsa

And the décor was awesome!

Church Street Cafe decor

We visited other parts of the city before driving out into the open road. I’m so excited for our next stop  on our Mother-daughter roadtrip! I’ll give you a hint: It became a famous place in July of 1947.

Road to Roswell, NM

Reader question: Any guesses where we are driving now?

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