On my own in Seville, The Seville Cathedral


A lot of my vacations are with travel groups with travelers whom I don’t know.  It is a great way to meet new people who share the same travel goals as you.  Plus, it makes my mom happier that I’m not traveling by myself.  Sometimes those people can get annoying because they walk slower or like to speed race through everything.  There is always the option to not do the group activities but I usually like them.  Every other day or two is a free day where we can split off for the whole day and do our own thing if we want.  The shoppers shop, the eaters eat, and the sightseers sightsee.  I like to do all 3 at my very own fast pace.

In Seville I opted to sightsee and eat ice cream on my free day.  All the shops were closed due to the fair or I would have done that too.  First up was the inside of the Seville Cathedral– 4th biggest in the world.

In the Seville Cathedral

I’ve seen many European churches in my day and can say that this one was impressive.

Seville Cathedral

On the left is the huge organ.

The Seville Cathedral is also where Christopher Columbus lies.  Here is his tomb:

Seville Cathedral Christopher Columbus tomb

It took me a minute to figure out what to do with this mirror.  You are supposed to use it to take a picture of the cool ceiling but people kept stepping in front of me so I had to be front and center in the picture too.

So here is a picture of me in my shorty-shorts and the pretty ceiling 🙂

Seville Cathedral ceiling and mirror

You can walk the ramp (no steps) up the Giralda Bell Tower to take in the view.  Here is the orange grove from above.  It is definitely the only cathedral I’ve been to with an orange grove inside the walls.

Seville Cathedral Orange Groves

And the random photo of the day:  There is an alligator outside one of the main doors to the cathedral.  Why?  I have no idea.  I didn’t get the audio guide so I’ll have to google that later.  It was a big alligator.

Seville Cathedral alligator

The Alcazar Palace was next to the Seville Cathedral so I hopped there next.  It was one of the must see sights on Seville but I say you can skip it.  It was cool, the gardens especially, but not cool enough to not be missed.


Feathered friends hanging out.


At night the group met up for some Flamenco.  In Seville Flamenco is very popular and some of the best in Spain.  We were able to go to a show to see it all go down.  It was really spectacular.  The dancing was really fun for this former tap dancer.  The singer and guitarist were probably better than the dancing but dancing is my favorite always.


Obviously you can’t take pictures during the performance so they were nice and did a little finale dance and song at the end where they let us get a few photos.

After Flamenco we headed back to the fair.  It was very different at night with a lot more random dancing (probably brought on by wine consumption).


By now it is 2am, the party is still going strong but I was way past tired and headed to bed.  It was a good free day.


Next destination is Tarifa, Spain where I hope to be able to take the ferry to Morocco for a day trip.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Cohen says:

    Wikipedia was only minimally helpful; it’s a crocodile, not an alligator. One line in Wikipedia, discussing the North facade explains: The Door of the Lizard (Puerta del Lagarto) leads from the Court of the Oranges; it is named for the stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling.

    And that’s it. No follow up. Like WHY is there a stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling? No one felt the need to include that tidbit of information.

    Though another random travel blog did read: The wooden crocodile hanging over the entrance is thought to have been a gift from the emir of Egypt in 1260 as he sought the hand of the daughter of Alfonso the Wise.

    Maybe they took the tour.

    • Andrea says:

      haha! Thanks! I’m sure if I was a native Floridian I would have been able to tell it was a crocodile and not an alligator, you know, since Iowa is not known for their swampland 🙂

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