Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area And More

Immediately after we left Florence, Oregon on our roadtrip, we were in Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.  The Oregon Dunes park is over 1000 acres.

Oregon Dunes Big Sand Dunes

The Visitors Center is located in Reedsport, a small town in the middle of Dunes.  The Visitors Center told us to do an easy hike the John Dellenbeck Trailhead.  Mom hiked part of the way to where the dunes started.

Half forest- half dunes- part of the 1 mile hike

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

I went all the way to the Dunes (6 miles round trip) and climbed them!

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area sand dunes

Unfortunately it rained the whole hike.  It stopped raining the minute I got back to the car- just my luck.

It really felt like I was in the desert- except that I was wearing a rain jacket and was cold Smile

Oregon Dunes Sand Dunes

On the way back I ran into a tree that looks like it was covered in red wax.  I thought is was cool.

Oregon Dunes Red Wax Tree

If you are ever on the Oregon Coast make sure to see some of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area!

After the dunes we drove to Medford, Oregon which would be our overnight stop before heading to Crater Lake.  Medford is the home of Harry and David.

Medford Oregon Harry and David

We went to the main store.  I totally would have bought some Two Buck Chuck but I was about to make Mom the designated driver and go real wine tasting.

Medford Oregon Harry and David 2 buck chuck

The EdenVale Winery is a few miles away from the Harry and David Store on the outskirts of Medford.  I ended up with a bottle of Dolcetto wine- an Italian variety.

EdenVale Winery Medford, OR

Medford Oregon EdenVale Winery

Edenvale would have been a good place for a picnic had we not eaten some delicious pizza earlier at Kaleidoscope.

Medford Oregon Kaleidoscope Pizza

Pizza was a good idea because Mom wanted to go to the Lillie Belle chocolate tasting store in nearby Central Point.  I am not one for chocolate so I stopped next door to the chocolate tasting to the Ledger David Wine Tasting Room.  Best choice all day! They had some delicious red wines and the pourer was really personable.  I ended up purchasing a bottle of the red Tempranillo blend- Dark Night.  We called it the Batman wine.

Ledger David Winery Central Point, OR

Today was an excellent day- the best of nature and the best of wine! The Oregon roadtrip continues at Crater Lake next.

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  1. Chaitali says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this area before but it looks stunning! It really does look like the desert so it’s strange to hear that it rained the whole time. And I love Harry and David’s! I would definitely have to visit if I’m in Oregon.

  1. October 10, 2014

    […] The spectacular volcanic crater turned lake is about 5 hours south of Portland or 2 hours from Medford, OR.  On our Oregon roadtrip, we chose Medford as our overnight stop before driving into Crater Lake […]

  2. May 18, 2017

    […] this is the end of the Great Oregon Roadtrip of 2014.  I will have one final wrap-up post of the best/worst from our fabulous […]

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