Oregon Roadtrip- MT Hood and The Timberline Lodge

The drive and hikes around Crater Lake  wore me out.  We drove directly to Bend, Oregon, our overnight stop. Bend is known for having an abundance and craft beer and breweries.  Deschutes and Bend Brewing Company are the two most popular.  Our Hampton Inn front desk attendant preferred Deschutes so that is where we ended up.  She made an excellent recommendation.

Deshutes Brewery Bend Oregon

Deschutes Brewery ended up being my favorite beer drinking stop of our Oregon roadtrip.  From the taster tray of 6 samples the pale ale and the porter were my favorites.  I don’t even like porters but this one was great.  Mom and I split some pizza to help soak up the booze.  I would definitely return to the Deschutes Brew Pub for dinner and more beer if I am ever back in Bend.

Deshutes Brewery Bend Oregon sign

Bright and early the next morning, the roadtrip continued to Mt. Hood.  Mt Hood has the only ski resort in the Lower 48 states that is open year round for skiing.

Mt Hood at Lost Lake

We ran into a group of guys were in between runs at the Timberline Lodge.  The Timberline Lodge is 7 miles off the main drag up a long, windy road.

Mt Hood Oregon

Timberline Lodge:

Mt Hood Timberline Lodge

Stephen King’s The Shining was made into a movie in 1980 with Jack Nicholson.  The outside facade of the hotel was used in the movie as the haunted Overlook Hotel.  It definitely had a creepy vibe but that may have been because The Shining book scared the crap out of me and I kept picturing Stephen King’s story.

Timberline Lodge Mt Hood

Inside the Timberline Lodge is 1930s décor.  The Blue Ox Pub was my favorite little section. The glass mural sign and tiny doorway were neat!

Timberline Lodge Blue Ox Bar

The Lodge itself was built during the Depression through the government program Works Progress Administration (WPA) that built so many wonderful attractions to manufacture jobs.

Timberline Lodge lobby

Since the Timberline Lodge is only about 70 miles outside of Portland, it would make for a great skiing getaway.

A very late lunch happened later in Troutdale, Oregon on our way to the Columbia River Gorge Area.

Troutdale Oregon Gateway to the Gorge

We stopped at McMenamins Winery, Brewery, hotel, spa, and more.  It is a complex with lots of food and services that came highly recommended on Yelp and in our Fodors guidebook.  Unfortunately is was one our my least favorite Yelp recommendations.  The complex was confusing, there was no signage, the food was okay, the beer was okay.  We ate at the Black Rabbit Restaurant in McMenamins– I guess you can’t win them all.

McMenamins Troutdale OregonMcMenamins Black Rabbit

More from the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River coming up next!



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10 Responses

  1. Lydia C. Lee says:

    Very pretty! Sorry to hear about the food….

  2. Gemma says:

    As soon as I scrolled down to the Timberline hotel I was like ‘woah!!!’ Definitely gave me the creepy vibe just from looking at the photo! Amazing what films can do. Love the look of that beer taster tray and the mountain views!

  3. Olivia says:

    Very scenic! Love the mountains!

  4. We did a road trip through Oregon in 2013. It really is a stunning place.

  5. Lauren says:

    Ahhh I recognize it from the Shining! That’s awesome! Also, those beers look great! I’m glad you got to try a whole bunch of them. Thanks so much for linking up with #WeekendWanderlust!

  6. Such beautiful scenery! Those sunny mountains are gorgeous 🙂 I’d love to do a road trip like this!

  7. Natalye says:

    Nature and beer… two of my favorite things! Looks like a (mostly) great trip!

  8. casacaudill says:

    Love that place!

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