Orioles Opening Day 2016

Orioles Opening Day 2016 was a bust for fans. The Orioles themselves pulled off a fantastic 9th inning rally with Matt Wieters driving in the winning run. A pie in the face and loud fireworks displayed capped off the night. Unfortunately the night ended many, many hours after it was supposed to because Mother Nature and the Orioles management had other ideas.

Opening Day last year:

OpeningDayBaltimoreOrioles 008

Opening Day is a holiday in Baltimore and most other major league baseball cities. I live by the stadium so all of my friends come to my side of town to hang out, drink beer, and cheer on the Orioles. Normally, it is one of the best days of the year in Federal Hill for seeing friends and loving where you live.

IMG_5823 (2)

My friends’ seats were scattered around the stadium, BC and I sat behind first base. We saw Manny Machado receive his Gold Glove trophy, the first pitch was thrown out, and then nothing. The threat of rain was well-known to everyone at the stadium but we were hoping to get in a few innings of baseball before things were delayed or cancelled.

IMG_5827 (2)

Nope, they delayed the game with no rain falling. My recent wisdom teeth removal prevented me from eating the bacon chili hot dog, crab dip waffle fries, soft baked pretzels, and loaded nachos. I was dying.  We did grab a beer but otherwise, patiently waited with friends during the 90 minute delay where it sprinkled.

IMG_5828 (2)

This guy on Twitter said it best:

Twitter was on point during the rain delay and was keeping me amused:

Finally the game resumed.

IMG_5833 (2)

Two whole innings into the game, wouldn’t you know it, it started to rain. The umpire called it even though it wasn’t lightning or too windy yet. Two-thirds of the stadium left. We had had it. The walk back to Federal Hill was rainy but not bad.

IMG_5830 (2)

A  warm chicken pot pie and cold beer later, we finished watching the game on TV hours and hours past the normal finish time. The Orioles pulled off a great game. But I’m done with buying tickets in advance- same day only from now on!

IMG_5819 (2)

Orioles Opening Day 2016 was a bust- but not really. I still got to enjoy time with my friends celebrating the start of baseball season and an Orioles Opening Day win. It could have been much worse Smile

Reader question: Have you ever been to Opening Day at any major league ballpark? Which one?

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve never been to opening day before. I was the a Pirates game over Memorial Day last year and it was freezing!!!

  2. Chaitali says:

    I’m glad you managed to have fun but I would have been annoyed too. Especially with having the wisdom teeth out and not being able to enjoy the food! Twitter is great for amusement during things like that 🙂

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