Out and about in Phuket


Today we went all around Phuket to see the sights.  It was hot!!!

Phuket2 029

7 of us rented a tuk tuk for $8 each for it all day.

Phuket2 030

While not airconditioned, it was a no window and no door set up.  The people in the back only felt like they were going to fall out going up the really steep hills on the way to Big Buddha.

It is being built and almost done.


View from the top of Big Buddha


Next was the Wat Chalong Temple. This is where it became unbearably hot.


The main temple. I was wearing a tank top and short so I had to wrap a sarong around my shoulders and legs which made it even hotter. There were monks all over the complex here.  Women are not allowed to touch monks or even hand things to them.  I didn’t know that before this trip (not that I ever have randomly tried to touch a monk).




from the top of the main temple


inside the main temple.  Many different Buddhas.


Because it was so freaking hot my tuk tuk buddies bought hats that were both hats and fans.  Best purchase ever!  #itjustmakessense

It was too hot for more sightseeing so we went to Kata Beach and called it a day.


Dinner at night included yummy pad thai and Thai beer.  The restaurant looks very sketchy but our guide assured us she eats here at least twice a week, never gets sick, and loves it.  She was right- best Thai food to date! No one spoke any English here so ordering was fun.  Pad Thai is pad thai so that was the easiest thing to order.


Going out in Phuket was insane.  There are strippers, strip clubs, sex shows, cheap buckets of booze, and throngs of lady boys everywhere.  We were staying in the Patong area so Bangla Road was a 5 minute walk for us.  This is the main nightlife area.

Phuket2 003 Phuket2 007

They are very strict about talking pictures of the staff so you can’t get the full idea of everything but this was the Tiger Bar, it was full of prostitutes.

We decided on Susie Wong’s bar- where if you can read the sign you can get 6 tequilla shots for 100 bahn, about $3.50, cocktails were $2.50.

Phuket2 016

Our waitress at Susie Wong’s was a lady boy. Some of our guy friends hadn’t figured that out and were totally flirting- it was much harder for the straight guys to figure it all out that the rest of us. They were some attractive women!  It was very funny when we told them!

Phuket2 020

About 20 of us went to a strip club and watched a ping pong show.  My new friend Gabby and I hid behind each other like we were watching a scary movie- some of it was sooooo freaky.  For more information google it 🙂

Our night out in Phuket ended up like this. So much fun!

Phuket2 026

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    I <3 phuket! Hope you are having a great trip – sounds amazing!

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