Paella and StormTroopers Valencia, Spain


Paella and StormTroopers is a random combination of things.  Let me explain:  Sharing a giant seafood paella was the first thing we did in Valencia.  Carb loading was necessary for the walking tour of the Center of Arts and Sciences.


I had this plate X 4.  The group finished the whole pan (5 of us sharing) and even scraped the bottom to make sure we got every morsel.  Paella isn’t supposed to be soupy rice but more gummy in a good way.  This was very good.

Our hotel was on the beach in Valencia so the Center for Arts and Sciences was a good 20-30 minute walk.  The architecture here is crazy!  The Agora Tennis Center was the first thing we noticed.


It looks like a clam shell.  It has a retractable roof making it more clam like in my mind.

This sailboat bridge is the highest point in Valencia.


My favorite photo of the day:

SpainValenciaArtsandScienceCenter StormTroopers Valencia

Across the road from the Agora is the Storm trooper helmet, eyeball, and whale carcass, also known as the City of Arts and Sciences.

SpainValenciaArtsandScienceCenter2 StormTroopers Valencia

I’m not sure if the Performance Hall is supposed to look like a Stormtrooper helmet but other people think so too.

SpainValencia Stormtroopers Valencia

Poster on display outside the building.

The IMAX theatre is supposed to look like an eyeball.  Neat!

SpainValenciaeyeballImax StormTroopers Valencia

Whale carcass/Science Center:

SpainValenciaSciencemuseum2 StormTroopers Valencia

There is even a nightclub/sculpture garden on the grounds.  MTV held an awards show here a few years ago.


This area was finished about 3 years ago with some finishing touches still being done.  Financial crisis in Spain- you don’t say!  While the finished product was awesome, there were hardly any tourists and no Spanish people walking around the area. The aquarium was open but the other ones weren’t so no money making was occurring on this Wednesday afternoon.

More from Valencia to come.

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