Page and Sedona, Arizona

The day after visiting Antelope Canyon, we tried to explore Page a bit more before heading to Sedona. The second most popular thing to do in Page is to take the short hike to Horseshoe Bend.  It gets very hot in Page in the afternoons in September so we made an effort to get up early for the 3/4 mile walk out to the bend and 3/4 mile back.


Unfortunately the light is not good in the morning so I had to use some fancy photography apps (Bracketmode and Pro HDR X) to be able to see the true awesomeness. In person it is pretty neat. It would be beneficial for photographers to make an afternoon trip to Horseshoe Bend.

Sedona was next up on our roadtrip as a stopover point for food, relaxation, and hiking. Our campground, Rancho Sedona,  had some trees perfect for the hammock BC brought.

IMG_7768 (2)

I read an entire book in the hammock that night.

We did a little bit of sightseeing. Chapel of the Holy Cross was so crowded that we couldn’t find a spot to park and go in. I was able to go in on another trip to Sedona so that will just have to hold me over.

IMG_9003 (2)

Food was on my mind too so after some shopping and fudge buying, we found Oak Creek Brewery and Grill nearby for some drinks and burgers.  Mushroom and Brie for me:

IMG_7762 (2)

(That may or may not be my margarita in the background)

After a fabulous nights sleep at Rancho Sedona, we meandered over to Fay Canyon Hiking Trail.


The 2 1/2 mile roundtrip trail is pretty easy and flat until you get to the very end. It looks like the trail ends at a rockslide but you can climb those rocks to get some great views of the surrounding red rocks.

Favorite photo of the day:


It is quick 90 minute drive to my sister’s house from Sedona. It is cute niece and nephew time!


Reader question: Are you a fan of hammocks?

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  1. Mariah says:

    OK A+++++ idea bringing a hammock

  2. I’ve been to this area and its gorgeous! glad you had fun and love that hammock!

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