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2018 Travels- A Year in Review

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemailThe year of 2018 took me on explorations of 6 new countries on 4 continents, outdoor adventures in nature and tasting new exotic food. I learned much about other cultures and ways of life and have so many great memories from my travels over the past year. January/February: Patagonia, Buenos Aires, Easter Island My trip to South America was my favorite of the year. Patagonia was so beautiful and the hiking trails we did kicked my butt but the views in Torres del Paines and climbing Aconcagua made it all worth it. Easter Island has been a Read More

Skipping through Saigon

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemailEvery trip has to have a least favorite spot or experience and on this Asia trip, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) was it for me. The humidity alone made for a miserable experience but overall the city was pretty lackluster, just a big, dirty city. There were high points of course, like the Night Market and my favorite coffee of the whole trip. After checking into the hotel, we immediately cabbed it in the pouring rain to Pho 2000. This is definitely a touristy spot but still quite good. Bill Clinton came here many years ago Read More