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Belarus- Minsk, Brest, and rest stops

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemailBelarus was interesting.  Sometimes it was just like every other Eastern European country and other times it was totally sketchy.  It rained the entire time we were in the country though.  All my pictures are gray and rainy 🙁 Minsk was clean capital city and had some interesting sights.  We did a walking tour when we got there. Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (Russian Orthodox Church) Up close with the Icon in the middle Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary in the main square (Roman Catholic) The town hall Memorial on the Island of Courage and Sorrow to Read More

The Kremlin

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemail  Kremlin in Russian means fortress. Many Russian cities have a Kremlin.  The one on Moscow is the most famous, and therefore known as The Kremlin. They allow tours through, have a theatre (that used to hold 6000 members of the Communist Party for meetings), and armory with the crown jewels, and many old churches from when it was used as a fortress.  Parliament does not meet here and Putin does not live within the walls. Outside the visitors entrance on the bridge which used to be over a river to ward off attacks. Inside: The biggest Read More