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Finland- Helsinki and Porvoo

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemailThis morning my new Aussie friend Morgan and I decided to go on an adventure without a guidebook. We hopped on a bus to a bus to another bus to Porvoo.  Porvoo is a town about 45 minutes outside of Helsinki known to have a cute little old town area.  Helsinki itself isn’t too exciting compared with other Scandinavian cities so we opted to try out Porvoo.  Morgan has been in Helsinki for a few days and I was there a few years ago. (Old Town Church dating back to the 1400s) Porvoo was a bust.  Partly Read More

Jokulsarlon and more waterfalls

Feel Free to ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinTumblrStumbleUponemail  Yesterday was a very, very long day (15 hours).  After touring around today, it was bedtime because today’s wake-up call was 4:30am.  I’m flying to Helsinki, Finland as we speak. Today was the coolest!  If you only are in Iceland for one day go to Jokulsarlon (Glacier Lagoon) and skip the rest. The Glacier Lagoon was in Batman Begins, 2 James Bond movies (A View to Kill?, and Die Another Day), and one of the Tomb Raiders. The Glacier Lagoon was formed by part of the Breidamerkurjokull Glacier breaking off and melting.  It combines with the Read More